Saturday, October 1, 2016

Day 4 continues "From The Beginning"

While I was in Holland I bought a Canadian newspaper looking for Au-Pair jobs in Quebec Montreal (Canada).
I found an Au-Pair job an off I went.
The reason I picked Montreal was that it borders Boston and I had a friend living in Boston whom I met in Hungary (Budapest).
While in Quebec I really enjoyed working for the family and soon I got promoted to an office job at their family business.
But I gotta say; "Gosh it's cold over there in Quebec!...burrrrr"
Also my friend from Boston came to visit me.
He told me jokingly once; "why don't you hide in the trunk of my car, and I'll smuggle you into The USA that way, and if Immigration finds you I'll say That's my blow up Dummy, doesn't she look real?!" hahahahaha I did consider it for maybe 1 quick second.
I got a cute flat on my own and a little kitten but I didn't last long in this cold climate.
One day I was waiting for the bus to work and my tears almost turned like icicles. I went ....back home to Holland.
Back in Holland I worked as a Flight Attendant/ground stewardess and I kept going to The American Embassy begging for a visa back to the USA.
Finally after 3 years they gave me a visa for 6 months.
This time I flew to Florida first where I started my American journey.
I stayed with a girlfriend of mine in Fort Lauderdale.
We had stayed in touch while I was deported and while I was living back in Europe.
But now when we where together in person it wasn't the same like the good old times.
To this day I really can't put my finger on what it was but we couldn't get along as we did before.
I guess we both changed, we both grew and maybe we out grew each other.
She had had some plastic surgery done and she cared more about vanity and material things than she did before, but that was just my perception. Maybe it was me who had different views than before.
Again I really don't know what it was, but what I did know was,  that we just did not get along anymore, so off I went to Boston where I was going to visit my friend whom I met in Hungary (Budapest).
While I was visiting him he helped me get a job with a friend of his who was a dentist.
I worked as a dental assistant before in Holland so here I was living and working in Boston.
Problem was that Boston felt very European to me, they call it New England after all and yes it reminded me of England, meaning the cold climate and the people. (loved the people).
So again I bought a newspaper called "The LA Times" and off I went to LA.
.......To Be Continued......

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