Saturday, October 22, 2016

Day 25: From The Beginning.....

Before I tell you how this Fairytale ended, I forgot to mention that we moved a few houses down on the same dreamy street called Oakhurst Drive in Beverly Hills.
Every morning when I walked passed that home I was always admiring it and dreaming that one day that would be ours.
Dreams do come true.
One day there was a sign outside.
Immediately we took action.
Not to long after that it was ours.
It was bright and big and had lots of charm.
Dark wood fancy hard wood flooring throughout.
High ceilings, old world charm like crown moldings and little cozy nooks everywhere.
Build in the 1920's and of course spruced up a bit overtime.
Natural sunlight galore and oh my gosh was I over the moon happy!
So back to where I left off in my previous blog.
Erik drove off and that was the last time I saw him alive.
I remember one time a long time ago I read this article about this lady who said that her husband went to the store to buy a newspaper and she never saw him again.
That was so incredible hard for me to imagine or even wrap my brain around.
After I had waved goodbye, I got ready to go to work at the salon.
I rode my pink bicycle and parked it in front of the salon with a big chain on it.
It was a Saturday late May 2012.
The salon was always busy on Saturday's.
I turned the sound of on my phone and got busy at work.
I don't really remember what time it was when I looked at my phone again, I think it was around lunch time.
My phone had blown up with messages.
Voicemails from phone numbers I did not recognize.
I started listening to one of the voicemails and what I heard you will never ever want to hear in your lifetime.
........To Be Continued......

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