Saturday, October 15, 2016

Day 18: From The Beginning....

You know when you have been single for a while, the minute you are in a long term relationship and even better, married, you really appreciate finally being with one person forever.
My gosh, was I happy my single days were finally over and done with.
It is so nice to be married, it's kind of like having a sleepover with your best friend every single night!
I gotta say that once you are married it's not easy to say after a silly argument: "I'm leaving, goodbye!"
Marriage makes you respect each other and compromise and fight for each other (and with each other at times hahaha).
So Erik and I signed up for marriage counseling when we just got married and this was really helpful.
Counseling will teach you how to communicate and many useful things.
We lived Upstate NY and I loved the baby deer in our yard and the pool and sauna & wine cellar etc.
But we didn't stay there long.
Erik's oldest daughter almost got kidnapped from outside her mom's house and we lived a bit too far away.
So we decided to move back closer to NYC and closer to the kids.
Also we couldn't pay the mortgage anymore and 2 of our cars got impounded because of lack of payments.
We filed for bankruptcy.
First for the business than personal.
I remember Erik had tears in his eyes when he realized he had to file bankruptcy.
We learned a lot from that time.
I had to go to court one day and I brought my Chanel purse (what a dummy!) but thankfully the female judge didn't notice.
Maybe because Erik was hiding the CC's kind of on his lap under his arm.
The judge did take my diamond necklace (which was from my parents) my engagement ring and my cartier watch.
Legally they can not take your wedding band because that has emotional value.
I was actually pleasantly surprised that all this didn't  really bother me.
I guess I wasn't as shallow, vain and materialistic as I thought after all!
.......To Be Continued.......

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