Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Day 15 continues: From The Beginning....

We had planned for a summer wedding but we ended up getting hitched way quicker on Christmas Eve, the year prior to our scheduled summer wedding.
Let me tell you why.
Erik used to be obese, 450 pounds to be exact.
He was 6'3, so a tall guy.
He tried every diet on the planet and personal trainers etc.
Nothing worked.
He decided to get gastric bypass and lap band surgery.
Afterwards he got some plastic surgery as well because as you know when you lose weight, the skin still kind of sags on your body.
Kind of like a Shar Pei dog, you know the one with all the wrinkles.
All the surgeries were very successful.
He was now 220 pounds.
But he wasn't very healthy.
He used to be borderline diabetic.
Now after all the surgeries he was hypo glycemic.
Meaning he always needed to carry around sugar pills and he had a lot of seizures.
I witnessed one of these seizures up close and man was that scary!
One winter day before our wedding we went to the mall with Erik's 2 daughters.
I was with one of his daughters who was 3 years old in Target and Erik was with his oldest daughter who was 8 at Toys "R" Us.
I had just put little Emily in the shopping cart and we were cruising through Target the 2 of us.
All of a sudden I got called over the microphone, and I was like uh-oh, what did I do? haha
I rushed to the information desk and they told me that my husband had a heart attack at the toy store.
I grabbed little emily out of the shopping cart and ran as fast as I could to the toy store.
There he was laying on the ground shaking and moving like crazy while there were a sea of people around him.
One lady had put her sweater under his head.
......To Be Continued......

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