Thursday, October 6, 2016

Day 9 continues: From The Beginning

Let me start off  by saying that in this life in order to grow we will lose friends and of course continue to make new ones as well.
I can't talk for you, but me personally I am always looking for that "Bestie," what I mean by that is that girlfriend who you talk to every day just checking in and sharing your deepest secrets with.
Coco, was my bestie, we chatted every day and if/when she couldn't find me she left me a voicemail saying: "I am worried about you, where are you? I feel like I am your boyfriend checking up on you"
I loved it when she said that because it meant she totally cared.
She always invited me everywhere, even at family events.
She knew my family was far away in Holland.
To this day I am sure there are 3 versions of why/how are friendship ended.
My version, Coco's version and the truth.
All I can say is that I think it was just some miscommunication and maybe we just grew apart.
I wish I could have her friendship back though.
But I would love her to be totally transparent about everything.
I am not saying that she wasn't but I have no filter and say how it is and I wish she would do the same. That's all.
Coco still lives in Beverly Hills (LA) and I live in Carlsbad (San Diego county) so that's like 2 hrs apart, so maybe one day we will rekindle our friendship.
Who was/is your Bestie?
I had a bestie growing up in Holland Kim Jansen and I have been trying to find her on all the social media platforms but no luck to this day.
Besides having great girlfriends in Beverly Hills I was always looking for "my Prince Charming"
One of my dear girlfriends Zhanna whom I am still friends with but sadly our friendship is not as close as it was because she moved from Beverly Hills to Minnesota and got married and had 3 kids so life goes on.
Zhanna helped me set up my profile etc on all the dating sites and that's where some fun adventures started.
Gosh I had to kiss some "frogs" before I met my 'Mr Right".
I went on a date with a guy with a glass eye, I didn't know where to look, his right eye on the left, it felt a bit strange but sadly we didn't have any chemistry.
I went on a date with a guy who didn't look like his pix at all.
Those pix where taken at least 10 years prior.
Oh and I was even on TV on a show called "The Blind Date show"
......To Be Continued.......

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