Friday, September 30, 2016

Day 3 continues "From The Beginning"

.....Okay I did the math, or actually I asked my hubby and he's a pro at math.
I was 23 years young when I got deported from this gorgeous country The USA.
When I arrived in Sint Maarten (The Dutch side) I contacted my parents and they wired me money for a ticket back home to The Netherlands.
Back in Holland I made it my mission to come back to the USA but that wasn't easy.
It took 3 years of going to The American Embassy and pretty much begging for a visa.
In these 3 years I traveled within Europe with my boyfriend whom I got separated from while being deported.
He had asked the company he worked for if he could work abroad in Europe instead of the headquarters in the US.
We lived in Germany, England, Hungary and the Czech Republic.
I have fond memories of Hungary where we lived in Hotel Kempinski and I worked as a Dutch language teacher for Berlitz (a language institute).
I studied language back in Holland and got my Masters in Arabic.
Berlitz will only allow teachers to teach in their mother tongue, meaning I was only allowed to teach Dutch.
They told me my English wasn't good enough and not mother tongue.
One day back in our hotel I received a phone call while Mauricio (my boyfriend) was on business in Germany and this girl was calling looking for him.
She said she was his girlfriend.
I told her I was his girlfriend.
she called me an American bitch.
I told her I was Dutch not American.
Not to long after this phone call and after I had confronted Mauricio about it I packed my bags.
Back to Holland.
While I lived in Hungary I had made some American friends from Boston.
Not to long after I arrived back in Holland I had made plans to visit Quebec (Canada) to meet up with my American friends from Boston.
The reason we picked Quebec was because that was pretty close to Boston and I wasn't allowed in the USA.
....To Be Continued........

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Day 2 continues "From The Beginning"

Okay so I never really got to the bottom of his story, meaning if he was married at the time to another lady for The Green Card. He denied it so who am I to question that any further.
While I was being detained I remember feeling trapped which haha is pretty accurate.
I didn't eat because I wanted to show them how sad I was and to be honest with you I am one of these people who can not eat while being sad.
I so vividly remember killing a cockroach with my shoe and just doing lots & lots of thinking.
I had to go to an office where my supervisor Mr. King made me swear on the bible to never commit a crime again. I actually never realized that overstaying in The USA is considered a crime and a felony.
I know, I know what a typical naive dumb blonde hahahaha.
I asked Mr. King when I was allowed back in The States and he told me that it would be easily 5 years because that's usually how long you stay on a black list after being deported.
He also said; "I know you will be back in The USA"
Oh, was he right about that one!
After like 3 days they found a flight for me to Sint Maarten.
I was escorted in a shuttle bus with bars in it which I thought was so silly.
Look at me I'm like this innocent Blonde Dutch girl who would never even hurt a fly? okay, okay I did kill the cockroach and yes I do kill scary little creepers/insects.
The plane ride was actually fun.
I met 3 business men on their way to Sint Maarten and I told them my story.
They said: "Wow, you should write a book!"
They were from The UK and I gotta say us Europeans do stick together and we can all relate.
After hearing my whole story they decided they wanted to help me.
They gave up one of their rooms to me and they bought me some food.
Once I arrived at the hotel I called my parents (I didn't want to call them from my cell, because I did not want to scare them.)
If I recall my age correctly, I gotta do some math hold on, this was in 1994.
So I am 45 years young now and it's 2016.
You do the math.
.......To Be Continued....

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

From the beginning....

Everyone has a story and it is not a competition, even though some people will make it a competition.
Yes I do believe life is a game and you gotta play nice and follow some rules even though sometimes rules are made to be broken.
I thought I was cruising through life and it all came pretty easy for me.
Until.....I got deported and they (Immigration Customs) put me in salvation army for like 3 days because they couldn't find a straight flight back to The Netherlands (my country).
Eventually they found a flight to Saint Maarten, which of course doesn't sound to shabby.
When the immigration guy told me he was just flirting with me when he asked where I was from but he didn't want to get me in trouble I realized we are all just doing our job and trying to follow the rules and regulations.
He even wanted to put handcuffs on me when he couldn't find my info in the computer but I said; "Please don't put handcuffs on me that will give me nightmares" Bahahaha how naive could I be?!
So I had to stay in a holding cell by myself because they were afraid that the other inmates might harm me. (that's what they told me).
I stayed there until my flight out of Miami to Sint Maarten.
I remember I wasn't even allowed to flush the toilet because of me being from Amsterdam there was a chance that maybe I had drugs on me?
At the time I was living in Miami with a half Columbian half Italian boyfriend.
We had just gotten back from his business trip to Puerto Rico.
To make matters even more interesting I found out while they where holding me that my boyfriend was married to an American lady for The Green Card.
So they wanted me to frame him while I was there when I was allowed to make a phone call to him.
He had to leave me at immigration and he continued home back to Miami.

.........To be Continued.......

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Day 10 of The Blog Challenge: Celebrating Freedom!

I really enjoyed this Blog Challenge.
I am not really a competitive person and I wasn't doing the challenge for any prizes but I wanted to see if I could do it.
I noticed that it got easier and more fun as the challenge went on.
I learned about myself.
Set goals.
Worked on my time management.
Learned a lot from others.
I am going to keep writing.
My favorite Blog was about my perfect location.
From being a Corporate Flight Attendant and having traveled the world extensively I learned a lot and saw a lot.
I can honestly say that I am perfectly fine staying put in Carlsbad CA (San Diego county) because here it is seriously paradise!
I enjoy my life and will keep writing to share and maybe inspire others to just follow their dreams and go for it!
I will start a blog on my own titled, "from the beginning" how I made my dreams come true.
Thank You Natalie Sisson! You are a ROCKSTAR!!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Day 9 of the Blog Challenge: Location Independence

Gosh the more I write these blogs the more I realize how lucky and fortunate I am.
I am living the life I always wanted to live in paradise.
My darling hubby and I are both in private aviation.
Hubby is a corporate pilot and I am a corporate Flight Attendant.
We are based in Carlsbad CA (San Diego county).
We have both traveled a lot and I've lived all over the world.
I've lived in Egypt, Italy, Canada, Hungary, Holland and all over The United States.
What I do to still be productive while on location is waking up early and "Eating That Frog" meaning I will get the work done that I have to get done before I do anything else.
"Slay Time before "Play Time!' meaning work before Play.
I do have to say that if my work time means writing and if I am not inspired and ready to write in the morning, I will go on a long hike while listening to some inspiring podcasts.
My location of choice would be Hawai or Santa Barbara.
Hawai I've been twice so far, once with my late hubby on our honeymoon (Maui) and we played with the idea of moving there but the fact that its an island held us back.
The second time to Hawai was a work trip as a Corporate Flight Attendant and I worked in the morning (getting catering and groceries etc for the plane) and I strolled the town and hung by the pool in the afternoon.
Santa Barbara has a piece of my heart as well.
It is so nice and quaint.
There I roll out of bed and take a long stroll on the beach which always gets me inspired.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Day 8 of my Blog Challenge: My daily adventures

I am already living my perfect life.
No schedule and I can pick and choose what I love to do and when.
I love nature.
Being outside in nature where it is quiet and peaceful and lots of bright colors of the flowers and lush green grass and tall trees.
Today pretty much like every day I walked out of my front door with my furry baby Dobby while listening to some podcast by Lori Harder "Earn Your Happy".
I walked to the hiking trail behind my house (also called lovingly by my hubby "Baby Mt Everest," because its a hard but short 1 hr trail.
After coming home and changing I went to Home Goods which also makes my heart skip a beat and browsed through the store and got some great ideas and a new French Press.
Sprouts got a visit as well where I stocked up on some of my daily "crack" Kombucha and some fresh fruit and some yummy whole grain mini croissants which I ate all 6 of them while unpacking the groceries....oops!
Oh and Face Timed with my mama & sister in Holland which is always a highlight of my day.
Now writing my blog on the couch while my darling hubby is watching Football.
Ahhh....Life is Goooood!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Day 7 blog challenge; Beating Procrastination And Overwhelm

Gosh Yes I am a procrastinator & a perfectionist!
Nothing is ever good enough and I seem to never stop learning without doing.
Meaning, I always say: 'oh let me read that book first and then I will start!" and that book and that book etc.
Also I get distracted super duper fast that's why I gotta prepare and make sure I will sit & write somewhere without any distractions.
I will make sure that I keep writing after this 10 day blog challenge and I will start meditating as well.
I know in order for me to change and be productive and get stuff done, I gotta do things I haven't done before, like not giving up and staying focused.
I added a meditation app to my phone and I will get started with that today and I will keep doing that.
Also I will start writing my book by just writing every day at least 200 words.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Day 6 Blog Challenge; Finding Your Tribe

Every single day I'm yearning to learn & grow.
We are on this planet to learn and make mistakes and get up, dust ourselves of and keep going.
We will lose friends and if we don't lose friends we will not grow.
In life you will learn from others and/or they will learn from you and move on or if you are like minded or kindred spirits you will remain in each others lives.
Me personally I found some great motivators/teachers/mentors.
Lori Harder is one of these ladies who keeps it real and is very generous with her knowledge.
I love how she practices what she preaches.
Every single day she gives free value through her Facebook live's and her podcasts etc.
Peta Kelly is another gal who is a feisty and a sassy one but gosh is she knowledgable.
She is very transparent and super duper honest & real.
I would love to be a part of their master mind group.
I do realize that we are all at different stages in life.
That is why I am building my own tribe.
I started my own meet up group called The Fit & Fabulous Ladies.
So far I met some amazing ladies and enjoying the process every step of the way.
The 2 questions I would like to ask Lori & Peta are:
Mindset and when is a good time to invest.
Meaning there is so much free stuff out there and I have invested in the past in stuff I could have gotten for free and even better.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Day 5 Blog Challenge: Setting Yourself up for Success.

Me personally I have noticed that I rather "eat that frog" (meaning do my chores) earlier in the day before I go out and have fun in nature and/or at the beach.
This will make me feel more accomplished and just happier during the rest of the day.
Otherwise I will keep thinking about what I still have to do etc.

This is how my daily success plan looks like to Slay my perfect day!

* Wake up without alarm clock around 7am
* Letting my furry baby out in the yard while overlooking my favorite daily hiking trail "baby Mt Everest" (my hubby calls it that way cause its a hard but short trail).
* Back in the house I'll make myself my vitamin water with a fresh squeezed lemon and a yummy protein shake.
* Now I will listen to some motivational podcast and get some daily inspiration.
I love to listen to Natalie Sisson's podcasts The Suitcase Entrepreneur.
* I will set the timer on my iPhone for 25 minutes and start writing.

To get to this peaceful place I gotta say the miracles are in the prep work (meaning I prep the night before by setting up for the next day in my calendar).
Also I am reading and/or listening to someone who inspires me daily.
Oh and sitting downstairs in our home in my office while overlooking the greenery in the yard is not to shabby either.
I focus better without any music and without any other distractions.
Sometimes I put my headphones on so I can mute everything & everybody.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Super Powers

Okay I'll go mainly by what my friends and my hubby say about me.
I love communicating and they call me socially very savvy.
Also I crack people up and I actually crack myself up as well.
I love listening and giving advice only when asked.
So I would say my superpowers are networking with others, listening, cracking jokes.
Oh and I don't know if you can consider this a superpower but I love, love to clean & organize & decorate.
Making things look cozy, comfy and clean makes me a very happy gal!
At last but not least I love taking care of people and catering to their needs.
I am a Corporate Flight Attendant and I really enjoy serving my passengers and cleaning the galley and cleaning the plane.
Actually I love the whole process of shopping for the passengers or better yet subbing it out to a catering company and then plating and serving it.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

My perfect day

My perfect day looks like this;

Waking up without alarm clock.
Means around 6:30am
I go to the bathroom and let the dog go afterwards (I go inside &she goes in the yard of course 🙈)
I brush my teeth before all that.
Then I make my vitamin water and squeeze a fresh lemon in it.
I make my yummy strawberry carnation instant breakfast shake (I know, I know not the greatest cause the sugar is a bit to much but it's fo sho my crack!)
Then I sit on the couch and turn on Good Morning America & afterwards Live with Kelly.
I write in my journal and read my emails and check my FB etc.
Like 1 hr later I get ready (take a hot bubble bath) and go for a run or a hike with friends or by myself.
1 hr later I shower again and I'll post pix or whatever works on FB/Instagram/snap chat etc.
I listen to audio or podcast while I hike.
I listen to bpm/techno while I run.
I run by the beach which is very calming and peaceful even with the techno music.
Today I went with my darling hubby to his plane and that was a perfect day.
Afterwards we had dinner at our perfect restaurant on the lake.
Now back home in bed watching r fav shows.
This is my perfect day!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Why do I want to live the Freedom Lifestyle?

I actually already feel that I'm living the Freedom Lifestyle.
But ....there is a big BUT....,I'm not making any money with it.
I know, I know, we shouldn't do things for the money but lets be realistic.
Money makes the world go round and we all need it to survive.
Now you are asking but wait how does she live?
I'm very very happily married and my hubby actually takes care of both of us.
Now you are thinking, uhhh okay she must be taking care of the kids.
Nope no kids.
We try but no luck there.
I do fly at times as a Corporate Flight Attendant and make money then.
I don't fly a lot so its more of some pocket money at times.
I know I know I am extremely lucky.
So my mission is to make more money on my own to support my hubby at times as well.
I got so many stories I would love to share.
I do not know if I have the writing skills just yet but I am certainly doing my best to get good at it.
With any new skill in life I just gotta train that writing muscle.

Sunday, September 18, 2016


Hi Gals & Guys,

Here we go my first blog ever!
I will never use the excuse of not having time.
I got plenty of time and am very thankful of that.
Focus I need to work on.
I get sidetracked by watching others on all social media platforms you can think of.
Discipline is another obstacle for me.
I tend to give up when things get complicated.
This time I won't give up and stay true to myself.
I notice time after time that people sugar coat things and have the tendency of not being transparent.
But with all the social media platforms and "competition" we just gotta be ourselves.
We all have a unique fingerprint and we are all individually designed.
God made no mistakes when he made us.
We all have a purpose and reason for being on this wonderful planet.
Lets all just open up and be our unique selves.
Don't worry about not being perfect.
Nobody relates to perfection.