Sunday, October 2, 2016

Day 5 continues: From The Beginning

This time around while looking in the newspaper The LA Times, I was looking for a roommate.
I figured I can look for a job while over there and I didn't really feel like working as an Au-Pair again.
I didn't know what area in LA to look for but figured Hollywood would be the place to be.
I found a photographer living with his young son in Hollywood walking distance from Sunset Blvd. and Hollywood Blvd. and his place looked fabulous!
Palm Trees everywhere and a pool etc.
I hopped on a plane and off I went.
I met a Boston cop on the plane and we kept in touch.
My new roommate even picked me up from the airport.
I knew he was safe because he had his son living with him and he really was a nice guy.
Not to long after I moved to Hollywood I found a job in Beverly Hills.
That's when I realized Beverly Hills was The SHIT!
I loved loved loved Beverly Hills and still do to this day even though today I live like 2 hours away.
I moved out of my roommate's place & got my own studio in the same building in Hollywood.
Oh my gosh I loved my life with a passion and it kept getting better!
I got 2 siamese kittens Coco & Chanel and loved them dearly.
I walked everywhere and loved every minute of it.
Attended acting school because eventually my visa would run out so in order to extend it I needed to look at other options of a work visa or sponsor etc.
Acting school wasn't for me, I'm not a good actor, I can't fake it. I am always just me, take it or leave it hahahaha.
My job in Beverly Hills was going well and I decided to save up and move to Beverly Hills.
This was my paradise!
Beverly Hills 90210!!!
Oh gosh, I found a gorgeous 1 bedroom apartment that I miss to this day.
Crown Moldings, Hard Wood floors, Fireplace, Yard etc
Build in 1920, so I'm sure you can imagine how full of character that place was/is.
Here in Beverly Hills 90210 is where my journey really started for me.
........To Be Continued....

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