Monday, October 17, 2016

Day 20: From The Beginning....

It's not hard to figure out the cause of a bankruptcy but of course every case is different.
The recession was a major part of our financial issues.
We moved around a lot as well which is not giving any stability.
I always wanted to move back to Beverly Hills and Erik agreed on that after the kids were a bit older and when he was able to pick up the business and move.
Looking back that doesn't sound very realistic.
Because when are the kids old enough to not care that their dad moves to the other side of the country?
If I was a kid I wouldn't like that either.
It's already bad enough that their parents are divorced.
About the business you really gotta start all over from scratch.
Which is not easy either.
Erik was born and raised in NY.
His dad was a contractor with his own business and Erik took over.
So all his life he was building contacts in NY.
Now I was asking to start all over just because I couldn't forget Beverly Hills.
Finally we decided to make the move.
Mind you this was 7 years later.
In the meantime we thought about having a child together but Erik had a vasectomy.
So we made an appointment to reverse.
I changed my mind last minute and we decided to wait.
We just had so much fun together we didn't want to give up that lifestyle.
Erik did have more seizures and the cold weather was getting to us.
We decided to get our move to the West Coast in motion.
We moved into the guesthouse of Erik's sister in Pennsylvania to save some money for our big move.
The guesthouse was on a nice property with a tennis court and pool.
Also the property was next to a pig farm, so it was a bit smelly in the beginning but like everything in life, you get used to it.
.......To Be Continued.....

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