Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Day 8 continues: From The Beginning

Okay after lots and lots of research and feedback from others, I decided to get a Saint Bernhard.
I found a breeder in Bakersfield CA and drove there to meet the whole Saint Bernhard family including grandpa Saint Bernhard named Cowboy who was 250 lbs.
The owners/breeders were extremely nice and I couldn't have found a better place.
I picked one of the smallest babies with light coloring just because she came over to me and was such a cuddle bug.
I named her Dutchess.
She was the love of my life.
Oh was I in love with her and proud of her.
I couldn't have picked a better furry baby for me.
She grew overnight.
I remember every morning after I woke up looking at her and asking her; "what did you do to my puppy?' hahaha
She only got to like a 100 lbs and that is small for a Saint Bernhard.
I remember walking with her to Rodeo Drive and there were always tourists stopping me asking me if they could pet "Beethoven". (like the movie)
Yes she looked like a little Beethoven.
She got along great with Coco & Chanel (the siamese cats).
Dutchess lived till 11 years young.
Now I realize that big dogs generally don't live that long.
She got hip problems etc.
To this day I think about her and miss her but she will always be in my heart.
So now I was living happily in Beverly Hills 90210 with 2 siamese cats "Coco & Chanel" and "Dutchess" the Saint Bernhard.
Besides my pets and friends I didn't have my family with me because they are all in Holland.
My best girlfriend was Christine (Coco is her nickname).
She really was special to me and I miss our friendship to this day.
I guess we kind of grew apart.
Let me tell you from the beginning.
......To Be Continued.....

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