Friday, October 14, 2016

Day 17: From The Beginning....

So you know how life is when you just fall in love and you move in together.
It's kind of like you are wearing glasses with pink lenses.
Everything is dreamy and rosy and new.
But now reality sets in and you are getting into a daily routine.
We never really got to a daily normal routine because when you own your own business you have the freedom to set your own hours.
Don't get me wrong, owning your own business is not easy and it is very simple that if you do not work, you will not make money.
So every day Erik woke up early to work at his business.
He was a residential contractor.
I was never an early riser but I became one, the minute I met Erik (okay it took a while and lots of moaning and groaning while getting used to this new lifestyle).
I gotta say that I have never seen anyone in my life work harder than Erik.
Oh and minor detail this is manual labor.
He was building homes from the ground up.
He was lifting material that 1 human should not lift by himself.
He was crawling on his hands and knees without kneepads (because he was always in a rush and he didn't make time to put knee pads on) through crawlspaces under homes where rats and lots of other rodents live. Can you imagine? Just the smell alone was horrific because of course there were dead rodents as well.
A relationship build on respect is very very important and man did I have respect for Erik!
I always called him Superman!
I accompanied him to most of his jobs with the intention of being a helper but even being a helper was an extremely tough job.
Erik an I were like siamese twins, we were together 24/7 and in the beginning like with all beginnings that was hard.
We had to blend 2 totally different lifestyle's together.
Living in Beverly Hills my life was like waking up whenever (I worked evenings) and hiking whenever, having coffee with friends, maybe some shopping, maybe a little nap before work.
......To Be Continued......

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