Sunday, October 9, 2016

Day 12 continues: From The Beginning....

I was 33 years old and thought I was going to be a "spinster" and/or a "cat lady".
There was no lack of single men in LA but there was a lack of single men who wanted to commit.
When people say: 'it's hard to date in LA', I get it.
Again I do not blame guys not wanting to commit in "LALA land".
There are so many gorgeous single models/actresses out there, why just commit to one single girl?
A girlfriend of mine Nina asked me to come with her to New York.
I had never been to NY and honestly didn't have a desire to go there.
NY to me was big and intimidating and cold.
But Nina persuaded me and off we went.
We stayed at some motel outside of the city in Nyack NY.
And oh my gosh, was it cold!
I remember we went to the Nyack Mall and I bought a warm jacket.
That night we went out to a bar/club and I met Erik.
You can not fight chemistry.
It seriously felt like a truck hit me head on.
Our conversation was flowing and sparks flying everywhere.
Later I did find out he was married but they where in therapy.
I am sure you have heard that bullshit before hahaha.
After 4 days in NY, Nina & I flew back home to Beverly Hills. (LAX).
From the second I landed till 10 days later and lots of communication with Erik, I flew back to NY.
Erik had divorced his wife (of course the legalization took a bit longer), moved out and found us a home.
Erik asked me what kind of home I wanted haha.
I said preferably a bit bigger then my place in Beverly Hills because of Dutchess (the saint bernard) and Coco & Chanel (the siamese cats).
Erik found us a home with a big yard & a pool in Nyack NY (like 40 min outside of the city).
Our NY suburbs life together has begun.
......To Be Continued......

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