Saturday, October 8, 2016

Day 11 continues: From The Beginning...

Gosh, dating sucked!
Then again I have never heard anyone say that they love dating.
I can't talk for all women, but I can talk about my story.
From when I was a little girl growing up in Holland all I wanted was to be married and live life together with my best friend/lover/hubby.
Every time when I met a guy I was like, 'is he The One?'
I did not enjoy the process of dating.
Let me tell you why.
Because I am an instant gratification kind of girl, I want to know now if he is the one for me not a year from now.
Don't get me wrong I do believe in getting to know each other before marriage.
I do believe in living together to see if we can even stand each other.
I am an all or nothing kind of girl.
I am sure I sent a lot of "frogs" (men) running away from me because I am pretty intense.
Generally in life I do not like to waste time and/or energy in investing in the wrong people.
I am very transparent and say how it is without filter.
Maybe that's the Dutch in me but that's just who I am.
I met some amazing people that way who are still in my life today but I also had to 'weed' out a lot of bad people.
Again in life we are not growing if we don't lose friends.
I gotta say dating was getting old and no fun for me.
There was no lack of single guys in LA but nobody wanted to commit.
Then again I couldn't blame them because if you can have all the candy in the world, why stick with just one?
I am not saying I am candy but I am saying if you are a guy living in LA and there are so many girls to choose from why stick with just one girl?
Okay here I was living my dream in Beverly Hills 90210 with a gorgeous apartment, a Saint Bernhard Dutchess, 2 siamese cats Coco & Chanel, a beautiful pre-owned Mercedes ML 320, friends galore, a fun job and dating away.
I was lonely though  and wanted to meet my future hubby.
I remember crying myself to sleep at times with my tears flowing on Duchess her fur while resting my head on her.
Let me tell you how I finally met my hubby.
.......To Be Continued......

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