Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Day 7 continues: From The Beginning

Okay here I am in Beverly Hills 90210 California, United States of America.
Gosh I am loving life and living life to the fullest.
I am checking little by little everything of my bucket list.
Don't forget prior to living in Beverly Hills I had already lived in Egypt doing commercials for TV, got my masters in translating Arabic, lived in Rome, lived in Canada, Hungary, Prague, Holland etc.
I had already worked as a stewardess and seen lots of the world.
Meaning I think I could honestly say that Beverly Hills was heaven to me.
Landscaping was spectacular everywhere, the homes all looked different and had so much character.
The people were all different and from all different cultures and backgrounds.
I honestly woke up every morning so happy and excited for what the day could bring.
There was so much to do.
So many choices.
Like going for a hike, the beach, Rodeo Drive, Sunset Blvd, Hollywood blvd, Santa Monica etc.
I made so many different friends.
You know when people say about Beverly Hills (LA), 'oh it's so fake over there!" I seriously don't know what they are talking about and I bet that they have never lived over there.
You attract the people in life who you are supposed to attract and yes you will attract some "rotten apples" and maybe you are a 'rotten apple' at times hahaha but we will learn from them and move on or they will learn from us and move on.
That's life.
So back to life in Beverly Hills.
I hiked a lot at Runyon Canyon and felt a bit out of place without a furry best friend, so I started doing research in what kind of dog I wanted.
I went to The Beverly Hills library down the street from my house and got all sort of books on different breed of dogs.
Guess what dog breed I decided on.
......To Be Continued......

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