Sunday, October 23, 2016

Day 26: From The Beginning.....

I listened to my voicemails and the first one said: "your husband had a heart attack"
Now they never hung up the phone when they left me this message, so I heard everything what was going on in the background.
Lots of commotion and I remember them saying: "I think we lost him"
So looking back they must have been working on him while someone else left me this message.
I also got a phone call from Erik's ex-wife in NY because they must have called her first, maybe because in Erik's phone he had his ex-wife's number programmed under "Kids Home".
His daughters lived with their mom in NY.
We lived in Beverly Hills CA.
I was so confused and thought to myself, Erik had another seizure and he will be just fine.
He did say in the morning before he left for work that his neck and his back were hurting.
I told him to go to the doctor but he said, no we have no insurance so lets wait.
I told my boss at the salon about the messages and she immediately called her husband who is a doctor, to come pick me up and take me to the hospital.
I only had my pink bicycle with me parked outside the salon.
My boss her husband was there in no time and we rushed to the hospital.
He instructed me to not sign any paperwork and to not say a word.
Because we all know whatever you say might be used against you later.
Also you can easily sign your life away when you sign hospital papers.
That was really the best advice ever.
We got there and of course the first thing they asked me to do was sign lots of papers and ask me lots of questions.
They wouldn't even let me see him for a while.
I kept refusing to sign and to answer questions and I insisted I wanted to see my husband.
I so remember the very first thing they asked me was: "Will you donate your husband's organs?"
.....To Be Continued......

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