Sunday, October 16, 2016

Day 19: From The Beginning....

Yes I am all about transparency.
Erik filed for 2 bankruptcy's, 1 for the business and 1 personal.
Of course I am fully aware that me as the wife was partly responsible.
But even though we went through tough times financially it only made our love stronger.
Yes it was a learning process.
Me coming from Holland I wanted to live bigger and better.
Even though my life in Holland was not too shabby.
I wanted to live in Beverly Hills 90210.
I wanted to drive a Mercedes Benz.
Bottom line I wanted to live beyond my means. (I know, I know I was a major DumbDumb).
Gosh do I remember the day I got my American Express Card in the mail while living in Beverly Hills.
I pretty much ran to Rodeo Drive literally.
The Gucci Store was my place to be.
I din't know at the time that Chanel was the shit!
So I bought (AMEX did) a Gucci purse and a wallet and matching daily planner.
I so remember paying for that shit a long time after that.
Yup I was living beyond my means.
So to go back where I left off, I am sure the bankruptcy was covering some of that years later.
When Erik and I met  just like every new relationship we were living it up.
Mimosa's for breakfast, Cosmo's for lunch at Neiman Marcus, Champagne dinners at the latest hot spots in NY.
Chanel purse, brand new Benz, brand new Cadillac, house with a pool and you name it.
Yeah sadly in life we all gotta learn our lessons the hard way.
Let me tell you when it went all downhill from there.
........To Be Continued.....

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