Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Day 21: From The Beginning.....

Now how do you face your fears head on and take big risks?
Or should I say, how/when do you say to yourself, my dream is so big, big enough to be able to handle anything what comes my way?
That is all it is.
Fear is in your head.
And believe it or not, you can train your brain just like every muscle in your body.
Okay to get back to the story.
We had a lot of things going against our big move.
We had a business and lots of contacts that takes a long time to rebuild in a new place where you don't know anyone just yet.
Keyword, just yet because you know what, strangers are just friends you haven't met yet.
Erik had his 2 daughters who were living with their mom like 2 hrs away and we saw them every other weekend.
So now our move from the East Coast to the West Coast meant less visits but also longer visits.
And what teenager doesn't like to be able to brag about going to Cali and maybe running into Miley Cyrus?
We started selling all our belongings.
Lots of yard sales.
You know how yard sales go, you get 1 penny for a $1000.- item.
And you gotta be grateful for that 1 penny because it could be one day your last penny.
At that point we had gone from a house with pool, sauna, wine cellar, cars of choice, Chanel bag (which I still have to this day and adore like my baby), to a small guest house in the country next to a pig farm in cold Pennsylvania but a gorgeous State I have to admit.
And believe it or not our marriage had gotten stronger and stronger.
Real love does conquer all.
Let me tell you about our cross country drive from Pennsylvania to Beverly Hills.
......To Be Continued......

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