Thursday, October 20, 2016

Day 23: From The Beginning.....

So now we were living in Beverly Hills and the agreement was that I was going to help out financially as well.
We found an ad on Craigslist looking for Dutch Translators.
I've got my Masters in translating Egyptian Arabic (Modern Standard Arabic) and I've always had a love for languages.
So off I went for an interview.
I got hired!
The money was great but the hours not so much.
I worked from 11pm at night till 7am the next morning.
Because there is a time difference between Cali and Holland of 9 hours.
Working the graveyard shift was a shock to my system.
Of course every beginning is hard so I stuck with it.
Erik worked during the day starting early in the morning.
He started working for someone else in Construction because in order for him to start his own business again he had to do a test and pay money etc etc so in the meantime he started from scratch again.
We hardly saw each other and it started to reflect negatively on our marriage.
After a few months we decided that it was better for our marriage and my health to look for a day job for me.
I found a job as a Manager at a fancy shoe store in Beverly Hills.
It was fun but hard because it was a brand new store and prior to that job I had never been a Manager.
My assistant Manager was amazing though, he picked up where I slacked of.
The owner was a feisty lady from Spain who could be a bit of a slave driver.
I decided to work around the corner on Brighton Way at a Clothing Boutique instead.
Yup I hopped around for a while trying to find my "perfect fit".
Of course I had not found it just yet.
So I kept looking for my perfect job.
One day I saw an ad on Craigslist looking for a Front Desk Receptionist at a fancy hair salon next to "Villa Blanca" (restaurant owned by Beverly Hills housewife Lisa Vanderpump).
.....To Be Continued.....

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