Friday, October 21, 2016

Day 24: From the Beginning.....

So here we were, living it up in Beverly Hills.
I got the job at the fancy salon 2 blocks from Rodeo Drive and just a few blocks from our home.
I rode my pink bicycle with cute basket to work or I just walked.
Erik was starting to work on his own, so was making more money and building his own clients.
Life was good!
The owner of the salon was amazing.
A gorgeous lady from Israel and she knew everybody in town.
The salon was thriving.
The whole team of ladies I worked with were amazing.
Erik and I got invited to the best parties in town and we were enjoying every single minute of it.
I was planning a trip back home to Amsterdam but Erik couldn't join unfortunately.
He was very busy with our new business.
Also he was starting a project with the brother of my boss.
I wasn't that excited about flying to Holland and visiting my family on my own.
Erik and I were so used to do everything together.
Kind of like siamese twins.
I remember praying to God: "Please don't let me go alone".
Also we had planned a trip for Erik's daughters to come visit us in Cali.
One Friday night in May, we went out to Sunset Blvd in Hollywood to go see a band.
We walked and we always enjoyed our walks hand in hand and our great chats.
What a fun night we had!
We went to some great clubs and bars and joined a group of our friends.
Walking back home at the end of the night, Erik didn't feel the greatest.
His back and his shoulders and neck were hurting.
The next morning we both had to get up early to go to work.
It was Saturday.
Erik said to me in the kitchen while he hugged me from behind.
I was making coffee and he put his arms around me and he said: "You know I really feel that I was born to be with you"
We hugged and kissed.
I waved at him from behind the window as he drove off to work.
.......To Be Continued......

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