Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Day 14 continues: From The Beginning.....

You know how you neglect all your friends when you get in a new relationship?
I have always been guilty of doing that.
But don't forget I had to leave all my friends behind in LA when I moved to NY.
After I had lived in NY for a while I started looking for girlfriends on MYSPACE. (hahaha remember that site?)
I met some amazing girlfriends that way who I am still friends with to this day.
One of these girls was Angie.
We met on MYSPACE and then we set up our first lunch get together at The Cheese Cake Factory.
I remember Angie saying after we sat down: "Oh let me call my hubby real quick cause he's a cop and he just wanted to make sure I'm safe".
Yeah with the internet you just never know.
Some women when I befriended them on MYSPACE they questioned my intentions, like who's that lady who wants to hang out?
These days it's way easier to make girlfriends.
Now I am the organizer of a Meet Up Group called The Fit & Fabulous Ladies.
Back To NY life and making new friends in a new place.
I was enjoying every minute of it.
1 year after we got engaged at Rockefeller Center we got married at our new home in Upstate NY.
After our rental in the suburbs of NY we decided to buy a house in Upstate NY because you get more house for your money away from a major city.
We found a gorgeous home.
The house was owned by Robert Redford a long time ago.
It had a pool, a wine cellar, a sauna etc.
The pool had big lights underwater and inside the house there was a special room with a connecting wall with double sided mirrors. Almost like a room they interview criminals in. Weird huh?
The home was amazing but it was a bit in the middle of nowhere.
We had great times there and oh my gosh we did so many renovations on that house.
Erik had his own business in residential construction so that's what he was always doing as a hobby as well.
I got so much respect for contractors, carpenters, people who work in construction, manual labor.
Let me tell you about all the work Erik did to the home and about our wedding with the mayor of our new town called Goshen marrying us in front of all our family and close friends during a snowstorm under a 12 foot christmas tree.
......To Be Continued.......

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