Thursday, October 13, 2016

Day 16: From The Beginning......

So here we all are in the middle of a crowded mall in NY.
So many bystanders.
Because you know it's like watching a train wreck, everybody wants a piece of the action.
Misery needs company.
But I do have to admit that some people really sincerely and genuinely want to help and they immediately jumped into action.
The medics had already arrived and they were asking me a million questions about Erik because obviously he wasn't able to talk himself.
They took him into the ambulance and I wasn't allowed to go with him in the ambulance because I had Erik's 2 daughters with me and there wasn't enough room for 3 more.
I remember looking for our car in the parking lot, but because I was so out of it that was hard.
We finally found the car and raced to find the ambulance and followed them to the hospital.
Arrived there it felt like it took forever but finally he woke up and was slowly but surely getting better.
This seizure wasn't the first and certainly not the last.
So this was the reason that we decided to get married sooner rather than later.
Erik had made our newly purchased home in NY gorgeous.
He made us a brand new master suite with fancy wood flooring and a fancy big jacuzzi tub and a enormous closet and all the bells and whistles.
The winter wedding on Christmas Eve was super romantic under our 12 foot Christmas Tree with some close friends & family.
After our fairytale wedding we lived happily ever after....
.......To Be Continued.......

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