Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Day 76: What do you really want to do in this life...

......and what are you willing to give up to get there?
This is what I am struggling with right now.
If/when I start my own home biz, I won't be available to my hubby 24/7.
So far this has been our life/relationship pattern.
We are pretty much always together and we drop everything in order to be together.
But I gotta admit when John is golfing I feel I am way more productive.
I always feel guilty if I don't pay attention to him when we are both home.
I know this is just my mindset and I am sure if I ask John this, he would say: "Honey you can do whatever you want, whenever you want".
He really is the perfect hubby for me and I got super lucky.
Okay back to my dilemma.
I want to become a Beach Body Coach because I am slightly obsessed with health and fitness and sharing my journey with others.
Like everybody else I have a story that lead me to my health obsession.
My late hubby used to be obese and passed away from a heart attack at 42 partly due to his obesity.
When I met him we started going for daily walks and I remember hating these walks but after going on enough walks I fell in love with walking and wanted to go on further walks and steeper hikes.
Nature really brought the best out in me.
We started P90X together (A BeachBody work out program) which was way to hard for me but there are so many other programs so I did Slim in 6.
I never stuck to a work out program.
So this time around I am going to start a challenge and pick a work out program that works for me.
Also I am going to publicly announce this on social media, so others can keep me accountable.
And I will commit to a daily healthy shake.
I have been trying different flavors of Shakeology and loving all the different flavors so far.
Now I just gotta buy the program and commit.
I am such a big procrastinator.
.......To Be Continued.....

Monday, January 30, 2017

Day 75: Freedom

What is freedom?
It is very personal to everyone.
When I look it up on Safari, it says, Freedom is the power of right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.
To me Freedom means living life on your own terms.
My goal in life has never been about making more money but about having the freedom to do what I want whenever I want.
Yes I fully and completely understand that you need to make money in life in order to have the freedom to do whatever you want.
But I rather work less and make a bit less and be able to stay home and just enjoy the freedom of going on a hike or a run or for a swim etc.
My hubby has the same philosophy.
After 9 years of having worked for 1 lady as her private jet pilot she wanted to pay him less money and he declined, so she let him go.
He can make way more money by flying freelance at times then full time and on call for her.
He is finally tasting freedom and he deserves it.
He was always at her back and call and he couldn't be too far from where the private jet was based.
I gotta say when you don't care what anyone thinks of you, you have reached a dangerously awesome level of freedom.
Freedom is found when we let go of who we're supposed to be and embrace who we really are.
Run from what's comfortable. Forget safety. live where you fear to live.
Destroy your reputation.
Be notorious.
My personal goal is to make an income while making an impact.
....To Be Continued.....

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Day 74: Country Club & Bomb Drop....

So, last Thursday (2 days ago), my darling hubby was gonna go golfing for the day and I had my day planned for laundry, cleaning house, selling our old headboard and frame etc.
Around noon John (hubby) face timed me and asked me to join him at the country club.
At that point I had already sold the headboard and frame and finished the laundry.
I decided to clean the house the next day and join him at our country club.
I didn't really feel like it because I just love to be home and clean.
But you know what they say: "happy wife, happy Life" and I'm sure vice versa (meaning for the hubby) the same slogan counts.
"When the king is happy, there is peace in the Kingdom"
John was super stoked when I got there and he kept saying; "look honey this is my sanctuary, and being here with you makes me the happiest man alive".
Isn't he the best?!
I gotta say it was chilly, but thank God I had dressed appropriately, in layers.
After a few hours Johns phone rang while he was golfing and I was sitting in the golf cart.
It was my sweet father in law, so I decided to pick up.
Daddy, said: "I saw on FB that you guys are golfing, but isn't John suppose to fly today? Because I see on the app on my phone that his plane is flying without him on it?
John is a private jet pilot btw.
I said I didn't know but I will get john on the phone.
John said he was gonna call his parents back once we got home.
After this phone call I didn't think much of it and we continued the game.
Now it had been a while since I saw a bathroom, so John offered to drop me off ahead at the club house, so I could go to the bathroom.
After the bathroom I decided to hop on the treadmill at the gym right next to the clubhouse to go for a quick run, because I was cold and also because I wasn't gonna make it back home in time for my daily hike with the Fit & Fabulous ladies. (My Meet Up Group).
Now my phone rang while I was running on the treadmill.
It was my father in law.
He asked me where John was and I said he had a few more holes left to golf and then he was coming to me.
Daddy said he needed to talk to John urgently.
I hopped off the treadmill and started walking towards the greens, and gave the phone to John.
That was when I realized, oh oh something is really wrong here.
......To be continued.....

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Day 73: Photoshoot

Today was such a fun photoshoot for La Costa Living Magazine @ clothe+arrow in Oceanside CA.
It was seriously a testament of true girl power!
We all genuinely complimented each other, and we were there to help one another when needed.
10am was the start of the photo shoot but I got there nice and early.
This was a good thing because I kind of had to navigate to find the place.
Once arrived, the owner of the store got there and Lyndell was already there.
Lyndell, is one of my besties and part of my Fit & Fabulous ladies group.
Lyndell is a Stylist and she had asked me to be her model for the day.
The Photo Shoot was at a beautiful clothing boutique.
The Photographer showed up not to long after we had gotten there.
We started shooting some of the fabulous clothes.
After all this, it was time to shoot Lyndell and I had the pleasure of being her stylist.
I also helped the photographer and the shop owner and I gotta say that was FUN!
I seriously enjoy helping others and it was super nice to be able to get to know what goes into photo shoots and the behind the scenes shenanigans.
Later today a video-grapher showed up to shoot the photographer. 
The article is about Lyndell's styling business.
After our shoot Lyndell and I had a lovely lunch together in the village by the ocean.
On my way home I took some photos on the beach because of course I can't pass the gorgeous ocean without capturing it on my camera.
So, to sum up what I learned today:

Everything you need,
your courage, your strength
compassion and Love;
everything you need is already within you.

To be continued.....

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Day 72: Consistency

Consistency, what is consistency?
What exactly does this mean?
Of course there are different kinds of consistency.
As with a lot of other words in the English dictionary.
That's why it's so hard for us foreigners to learn English.
In this case I am talking about being consistent with your words and actions.
Say what you mean and do what you say.
Aka put your money where your mouth is.
If you show up every day consistently you build trust.
Trust builds friendships/relationships.
We all want to be liked and have lots of friends.
Consistency is the key to breaking bad habits and forming good ones.
Whether professionally or personally, our habits can come to define us. 
Our good habits can lead us to make progress and become successful, while our bad habits can cause us to fail.
Habits are powerful, and they are difficult to make or break, but if can gain control over your habits --both positive and negative -- you can forge yourself into the person you want to become.

Of course gaining control over your habits is easier said than done.
Some go their whole lives without considering the fact that they can construct their own positive habits, or never succeed in breaking the habits that drag them down.
There is no shortcut to mastering your habits, since it's always going to take discipline and hard work,  but there is one principle that can guide you to a greater success rate: the idea that habits are grounded in consistency.

How habits are formed:
To be continued.....

Monday, January 23, 2017

Day 71: Self Love

Self Love = Regard for one's own well-being and happiness.

Become mindful.
People who have more self-love tend to know what they think, feel and want.
They are mindful of who they are and act on this knowledge, rather than on what others want for them.
Practicing self-love can be challenging for many of us, especially in times when we face serious challenges.
It's not about being self-absorbed or narcissistic, it's about getting in touch with ourselves, our well-being and our happiness.
We practice self-love so we can push through our limiting beliefs and live a life that truly shines.
The most loving person is the person who is self centered.
If you can not love yourself, you can not love another.
Many people make the mistake of seeking love of self through love of another.
They think if I can just love others, they will love me, than I will be lovable and I can love me.
So many people dislike themselves because they feel there is not another who loves them.
Who you are is who you create yourself to be.
You always get what you create and you are always creating.
Your life is always a result of your thoughts about it.
Get to know you!
Honor and cherish and love yourself!
You can only love another if you love yourself.
When your self-worth goes up, your net worth goes up with it.
What you focus on begins to grow.
Adopt an attitude of gratitude to sharpen your humility and attract others to you.
Use your rejection for direction and your obstacles for opportunities.
Believe in yourself and there will come a day when others have no choice but to believe in you.
To be continued.....

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Day 70: Masters & Leaders

A true master is not the one with the most students, but the one who creates the most masters.
A true leader is not the one with the most followers but one who creates the most leaders.
A true teacher is not the one with the most knowledge but one who causes the most others to have knowledge.
In today's world full of social media with Instagram Followers and Snap Chat followers and FB friends being so important to some of us, it's very easy to get side tracked.
We all have to stay true to ourself, because only then will you be successful.
Of course success will not happen without hard work that's a given.
Fear is a great indicator.
Fear is a sign that you are on the right track.
Here you push yourself out of your comfort zone.
And this is where the miracles happen.
Remember when you were afraid of the boogyman?
Remember when you were afraid to look under your bed?
When you finally did, you realized there was no boogyman.
It's all in your head.
Change your mindset.
Life is a creation not a discovery.
You do not live each day to discover what it holds for you, but to create it.
You are creating your reality every minute. Probably without knowing it.
Creating is a process of 3 things:

1) Thought
2) Word
3) Deed

Just start!
To Be Continued....

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Day 69: Voyeurism

You know it's funny when I googled my subject, it had the word "sexual" in it in every explanation.
I don't mean anything sexual by it, when I write about this.
Let me show you what safari search came up with:

Voyeur is a fairly recent addition to English.
Our earliest written evidence for the word dates from the beginning of the 20th century.
It comes directly from a French noun meaning, literally, "one who sees".....a person who gets 'sexual' pleasure from secretly watching others.

Okay let me get to my point.
On Facebook there are many of us, maybe even the majority of us, whom are just watching others and judging.
Personally I really believe that you can not judge, criticize if you do not participate.
I also believe that when you get criticized,  it's a sign that you are successful.
Successful people are loud, vocal, prominent.
Successful people are consistent.
Not pushy, but persistent & consistent.
I know what the voyeurs and/or haters are gonna say.
Why are these people always showing up in my newsfeed?
They rather hide and be sneaky while they watch the successful people climb their way to the top.
You know what? .. they can open up themselves and put a hat on, and some shades, and get into the lime light until they are secure enough and then they can show up like The Rockstars they are!
To all the Voyeurs on Facebook, take a selfie, get in front of the camera and stop hiding and judging.
You are all unique in your own way!
.....To Be Continued.....

Friday, January 20, 2017

Day 68: Overexposure

Is overexposure really an issue?
My darling hubby said the other day to me: "Baby, one of your Instagram/FB posts per week is sufficient. One per day is overbearing."
First off, I totally understand where he is coming from.
Generally my posts are geared towards women, women who are like me, always looking for purpose in this world, and always wanting to share any knowledge they get poured into them.
I read several books a day, yes not just one but several and I learn so much from them.
I don't want to lose all that wisdom but I really want to share and pay that forward.
People who meet me always say: "Wow you are so aware and you have such a wide range of interest."
To me that is such a big compliment.
All day every day I am craving knowledge.
I train my brain.
In life you do not grow if you do not learn.
Gosh I am far from perfect and I make many mistakes but I make a big effort to not make that mistake twice. ( Even though that still at times doesn't work.)
My mind is always racing.
So this is why I post.
My question to you is, "is this really such a bad thing?'
As long as I give value to others and not hurt anyone's feelings, who cares?
If it bothers others to see my face daily, just unfollow, delete, unfriend and or block me.
My mission is to be the sunshine/light to others.
And in return I ask, please do NOT hate but ADMIRE and EMULATE! (I just learned this word yesterday, don't forget I am still a foreigner).
Overexposure is NOT the issue!
Let me give you an example.
Coca Cola, Google, Apple, Mac Donald's, Microsoft, Walgreens, Starbucks, Toyota, Wells Fargo, Exxon, even Celebrities.
Should they hide their products, their faces, because they lose their value?
Because too many people are hearing about their products or seeing their faces?
If you give value to others, keep Rocking it!
You are a ROCKSTAR!
To Be Continued........

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Day 67: Independence

Are you independent?
Growing up my parents always helped me financially and even after I got married they are still there for me always.
I know this makes me a very lucky and fortunate gal.
My late hubby had his own biz and that biz supported us thankfully.
There was a time before he passed away, when we had just moved to Beverly Hills from NY that I had to step up to the plate and help out financially by working full time.
I have always been better working part time.
I know this sounds so spoiled.
I would love to work from home.
As a Corporate Flight attendant I am working Freelance, so really not a lot.
I would love to fly more often, and work from home doing a network marketing company or whatever promotes Health & Wellness.
Right now my hubby pays all the bills and gives me spending money on top of all that.
In arguments he loves to throw that in my face.
I guess we all know how to successfully push each others buttons.
So yes daily I'm racking my brain on how to, and with what company I want to start with.
I am just such a perfectionist and everything has to be in place before I start.
Also I don't really want my hubby to pay for the start up investment.
And my hubby is home most of the time because he only flies like 60 hrs per year.
So he's pretty much living a retired life at 42 years young.
We love to spend a lot of time together and I drop everything and anything I'm doing always just to be together and watch tv or pretty much do nothing together but talk and laugh a lot, which is obviously not a bad life to be living.
But I really want to do more and be more.
I sincerely want to help others with sharing what worked for me in life.
Not saying I'm some sort of expert but I do know that I have a successful marriage and I know what works and what doesn't work in the health and fitness world.
To be continued......

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Day 66: Distractions

Question: "Do you think we got more done in the past when Facebook and all other social media didn't exist? "
Distractions are just everywhere in life and I think it has to do more with focus and self-discipline.
We can all relate to the silly distractions that come up while we are studying and/or trying to focus on one particular task.
Our mind starts to wonder and drift off.
In this case, mediation has been very helpful to me.
10% happier by Dan Harris from Good Morning America has been my "go to" app.
Also they say if you keep reminding yourself of your visions and future goals, this will be super helpful.
That's why creating a vision board is a great way to keep visualizing your dreams and goals.
You can make e a virtual vision board and keep it saved on your phone and computer desktop.
Another helpful tool is just setting your timer on your phone for like 30 min at a time (or 60 min depending on the task).
Amazon has some fun tools, like a colorful sandglass/hourglass in your fav color or a Datexx The Miracle Cube Timer.
Finishing pesky tasks doesn't have to be boring anymore.
Also make sure you start with the biggest task, the task you are dreading the most.
Kind of like starting your day with "eating that frog" first.
You will feel a sense of accomplishment.
Researching google/Pinterest/YouTube has been super helpful to me.
This is where all the answers are.
Because we all know that if we have a question about something, bet your bottom dollar that someone else had that same question before you.
We don't have to re-invent the wheel but just follow other leaders for inspiration and motivation.
To Be Continued......

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Day 65: Multi Level Marketing

What are your thoughts on Multi Level Marketing aka Network Marketing.
So, I have been playing with the idea of joining Team Beach Body.
Okay, where do I start?
My late husband used to be obese.
He passed away due to that.
Yes he lost all the weight with surgeries and lots of pain and hard work.
But the damage had already been done.
His excess weight was pushing down on his vital organs.
He was pretty much a ticking time bomb.
420 lbs and 6'3 were his measurements.
After the gastric bypass and the plastic surgery (he needed plastic surgery after gastric bypass, because the skin wasn't not going anywhere), he was 220 lbs, so he pretty much lost "a person"
When I met Erik he was all about working out and eating healthy.
This is not easy, especially as an obese person.
We did the Team Beach Body P90X program together.
I became a coach, he became a coach.
But we sucked at it.
We gave up a year later, and he passed away at 42 years young from a Heart attack.
Now years later I am married for the second time and I still live the healthy lifestyle.
That is why I am considering joining again but this time I really want to help others get healthy and of course I want to be living proof.
Yes there are a lot of Network Marketing companies but this one really has been growing so fast like Apple and Google and Youtube and Facebook.
What do you think?
To be continued.....

Monday, January 16, 2017

Day 64 Self Awareness

Today I woke up at 7am and let Dobby (my furry baby) tinkle and go number 2. (I know, I know TMI aka Too much information).
If you know me, you know very well that I am no stranger of TMI, I got pretty much no filter.
Personally I like it better that way because I get to the point and cut out the bullshit.

So after I let the dog out, I got ready for my day.
Usually I am home all day, every day but today I was a Hair Model.
Yes I have modeled for commercials in the past and a runway fashion show but Hair Modeling is totally different.
The truth is I am stingy, meaning I am a Typical Dutch girl who likes to Go Dutch (pay half or very little).
So a while ago I looked on craigslist for hair models.
Hair Models are used by Stylists and Colorists in training.
But don't worry, they don't leave you with pink hair (unless you request that of course).
The owner of the particular salon is right there behind your chair looking at the stylist/colorist in action and the teacher etc.
And to top it off, the stylist/colorist in training is super aware of her position and brings her A-game.

After this fun modeling experience in the morning, I got some groceries at Trader Joe's and browsed at Home Goods (love that store!)

Back home my darling hubby was assembling my new in-home spin bike.
Oh my gosh I Love Love Love my new spin bike!!

I made us lunch and left for a hike with some of the Fit & Fabulous Ladies.
One of the Fit & Fab ladies said to me during our hike: "Wow, I am impressed with how Self Aware you are!"
Now back home, laying in bed next to my darling hubby, Blogging away, I am still beaming!
I really love that statement!
Of course I looked it up on Pinterest & Google and of course I know what it means.

Self-Reflection is a humbling process. It's essential to find out why you think, say, and do certain things.....then better yourself.
To be continued.....

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Day 63: Procrastination

Procrastination, we all have heard of it and a lot of us are plagued by it.
I definitely am.
So, where there is a problem, we must find a solution.
And for this issue there are many solutions.
Now the key is to make it fun.
Here we go.
I started doing research (that's where everything begins)
On Google I typed in Procrastination.
Procrastination is the action of delaying or postponing something.
You see that in the explanation is the word "action" used.
So even when you choose NOT to do something, you decide to take action not to do it.
Either way you are taking action.
So I rather take action on the "right" things that will get me closer to my goal than to take action doing nothing productive.
Because in life, in order to grow and learn, you gotta take action.
Now a few helpful tips to make taking action fun, I will share with you.

1) Get a Datexx The Miracle Cube Timer (on Amazon $18.-)
2) or get a 60 min sandglass (pick your fav color, mine is hot pink) (Amazon)
3) or of course just use your phone/kitchen/cooking timer

Now just get ready at your desk/on the couch/in bed and make sure you got some water and you already went to the bathroom.
Set the timer for 5/15/25/45/60 min. depending on the task or even for your meditation.

Like this you just go down your priority list.
Make sure you do the one task you dislike the most, first.
It's kind of like "eating a frog" (get it over quick).

You also call this The Pomodoro Technique.
This is a Time Management method.
Google it!
To be continued.....

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Day 62: What are your goals & dreams for 2017?

The beginning of a new year and the question of the day has been; "What are your New Years resolutions?" The people who say, "its just another day and I always strive to be a better person and do the best I can do", are my peeps.
Because come on, lets keep things real. We all know that if you run "Gung-Ho" out of the gate, before you know it you will run out of steam.
Baby steps!
Personally I really believe that if every day you take 3 small steps toward your big goal, you can achieve so much more.
Let me explain.
Goal Setting: Make sure you set a date.
Focus on what you want, not what you have to give up.
Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses.
Be specific. Reward yourself when you reach a goal.
Start with the basics.
Keep it real.
What you focus on expands!
Don't give up when you don't understand or know something.
Go to You-Tube and learn from others.
Also Google is your best friend.
You know, in life you do not have to re-invent the wheel because I hate to break it to you,  that has already been done.
Just copy and paste from others but make sure to put your own unique spin on it.
We all have our own unique fingerprint.
God didn't make a mistake when he made you!
Last but not least, Inspiration is all around us.
Don't be so busy posting pictures (like I do), you will miss the beauty in the simple things.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Day 61: Arrival back home in San Diego from Holland

Phew! Finally back home in San Diego after 2 plane rides in the last 24 hrs.
John, my darling hubby and Dobby (our furry baby) picked me up.
We stopped by the grocery store on the way home because I love to come home to a full fridge with yummy fresh foods and John doesn't really know what I like because that changes often.
Mind you it's almost midnight but of course in America (some stores are open 24/7).
That's another thing I just love about America.
Back home I started unpacking, yes I was tired but my adrenaline was pumping because I was just so stoked being back home with my loved ones.
John had hired a cleaning crew the day prior of my arrival and gosh the house looked AMAZEBALLS!!!
Shiny hard wood floors and it smelled like heaven.
My husband seriously knows my love language.
I could write a whole book on the love I have for my husband.
I laugh with my hubby more and more each day.
Marriage to me is like having a sleep over with my best friend every single night of the week.
So now I am back in America, I have so many new goals and dreams.
Yes I am a Corporate Flight Attendant but I am not flying enough for my taste.
I am Freelance, so whenever I get offers for flying gigs I take it but my last offer for a big International trip I had to decline because that same time I was visiting my family.
I couldn't cancel or postpone my family because they took that same time off and counted on me.
I don't ever want to let my family down because my hubby and my family is priority number 1.
Also I do have to admit that I have to promote myself more as a CFA (Corporate Flight Attendant) and send out even more resumes.
We all know in life nothing really happens unless you work hard at it.
My number 1 passion is really helping others stay/get fit and eating healthy.
I crave knowledge everyday on self development, nutrition and fitness.
This is why I am a Personal Trainer as well.
To be continued.....

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Day 60: Flying back home to the USA from Holland

To become an American Citizen and have dual passports (Dutch/American) is on my to do list for 2017.
It will cost around $1000.- and I will have to study and complete a test.
So after I got through customs/immigration, I joined Kelsey at the baggage carousel.
We had to grab our luggage and check back in.
Usually your luggage goes automatically from your departure point to your arrival point but in this case we had to recheck in etc.
So I flew from Amsterdam to Philly to San Diego.
All this took around 24 hrs.
Don't forget there is a 9 hr time difference between Amsterdam and San Diego.
So I was pretty much flying back in time. (hahaha)
After Kelsey & I grabbed our bags and checked back in we made our way to the gate for our last flight home back to San Diego.
Of course the gate wasn't nearby but that was okay because we needed some exercise after that long flight from Amsterdam to Philly.
We sat down by the bar across from our gate.
Here we ordered ourselves some Moscow Mules.
We chatted some more and we were both super stoked to be back home on American soil.
Gosh, I can't tell you enough how amazing America is.
Everything is so convenient and big and beautiful and clean and comfortable.
I called my mama back in Holland to tell her I had arrived safely back in The States.
Kelsey and I were planning to take some pix but we were both tired and we didn't really feel like cleaning up for the pix.
I got comfy and ran to the bathroom to take my contacts out and I was planning to take a nice nap on my last plane home.
After we boarded we didn't sit next to each other but that was okay because we both wanted to sleep.
I face timed John my darling hubby and told him that I was so tired and just wanted to sleep.
The girl next to me offered her window seat because she overheard my conversation with John and wanted to be nice.
I was super grateful and we ended up being friends after that flight.
....To be continued....

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Day 59: Flying back home to The USA from Holland.

I had requested and paid for a window seat but unfortunately didn't get it.
I got a middle seat from Amsterdam to Philly.
Fortunately I sat in between cool peeps.
On my right by the window was sitting a sweet girl who was from San Diego. She was studying in Holland and this was her first trip back home to America after she had left to study in Holland a couple months earlier.
We became instant friends.
On my left was a British gentleman.
It's funny how its hard to understand The British language but I have no problem with the American language.
All and all it was a great trip.
When we arrived in Philly we had a couple hours lay over and Kelsey & I decided to sit at the bar across from our gate back home to San Diego.
But first let me tell you how my experience was at Immigration/customs.
Okay once you arrive in Philly at the airport coming from Europe you gotta fill out this paper in the plane just saying if you bring in foods or vegetables etc.
Now coming out of the plane you gotta go to this kiosk and scan this paper and your passport, oh and this machine takes a picture of you. Of course I didn't like my first selfie so I pressed on re-take. Hahaha what was I thinking? Silly me. Like this matters.
After this you go through immigration.
Here you get fingerprinted and eye scanned.
My finger prints didn't take at first and I had to redo it.
The officer looked at me puzzled after he looked at my information on his computer.
He saw my deportation background and my old blacklist status.
But because I have a Green Card and I am a permanent legal resident, this is all dismissed.
He gave me the advice to get my American Passport and become an American Citizen so my travels will be easier when I arrive back in The States from being abroad.
To be continued.....

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Day 58: From the beginning...Holland trip back to the USA

Okay, this may sound weird to you, but I pretty much skipped like a little girl (you know like you do when you are a happy) that day when I traveled back home to sunny California.
Yes it was going to be a very long day of flying and on a few different planes but I didn't care how I was getting there as long as I was getting there.
I have lived in Holland half of my life and the other half in America, so I think I can honestly judge.
To top that off, I have lived in Egypt, Italy, Hungary and traveled all over the world.
As a Flight attendant and as a model for TV commercials.
My road wasn't easy.
I've lived Illegally in America and I have been deported and paid the price for that big mistake by being on a Black list for over 3 years. (meaning I was not allowed in America).
Later in life when I made it back into The USA, I eventually got married to my first soulmate who passed away 7 years later at 42 years young.
One day he went to work and told me that morning how much he loved me and didn't come home that night.
A few years after that I met my 2nd soulmate, who is my amazing 2nd hubby John.

So, traveling back from Holland to my 2 loves, The USA and my John was and is always special to me.
After the long line of 1 hr and a half through security, I had to make my way to the gate where my plane was going to take off from.
Of course the gate was the furthest gate possible and after security I wasn't in the best mood because security officers are never a ray of sunshine.
I was pretty much cursing under my breath while making my way through the airport to my gate.
When I finally arrived at my gate I asked a gate agent if I was in the right spot for (I gave him my flight destination), and of course he answered short and grumpy.
I asked him where the bathroom was and he told me twice angrily. 
So, you see The Dutchies can be grumpy too. It is not just the American airport personnel.
......To be continued....

Monday, January 9, 2017

Day 57: From the beginning...Holland trip ending, back to the USA

Oh my Gosh, I can not tell you how over the moon excited I was to be flying back home to my beloved USA and my beloved hubby & furry babes.
I asked my mother and her male friend Lucas, to please drop me off super duper early at Schiphol (Amsterdam airport).
Of course because International flights take forever and especially the security check lines etc.
And because I was gonna meet up with my darling Laura Bellai who's the author of Rokkie (a Dutch business book for female entrepreneurs.
I've known her for over 20 years and she has been very influential to me.
When I met her I was taking over her Front Desk Receptionist position at a big software company called Exact Software while she got promoted to be the right hand of the boss.
A few years after that she got married to the boss.
The reason I moved to America was partly because of Laura.
She had lived in America for about a year and raved about it.
So our meeting at the airport was as always so fun but of course too short.
We drank cappuccinos and posed for a little impromptu photoshoot.
I had to say goodbye quite quickly because the lines in front of security looked intense.
Let me tell you this line took over 1 hour and a half.
While all the travelers were walking like bumper to bumper. (kind of like a traffic jam)
Few steps forward, stop, few steps forward, stop.....and so on for 1 hr and a half.
At security they were not friendly at all and of course some of the travelers were cutting in line.
The Dutch don't like this,  so some of the Dutch started raising their voice at these cheaters.
I was laughing because there is really nothing you can do, but make sure you take plenty of time before your plane takes off.
I always hear horror stories of people who fly into America and they complain non-stop about how rude American Customs/Security and Immigration is.
But let me break it to you and tell you this happens everywhere!
I totally understand that they are rude and in-patient because they are dealing with so many passengers and some of us (me too) ask the dumbest questions and we keep doing the dumbest things and we don't follow direction.
I would lose my cool eventually too, wouldn't you?
....To Be Continued......

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Day 56: From The Beginning....Back to the USA from Holland

Okay, my 2 week trip visiting my family & friends in Holland was coming to an end.
So, what I learned is that I rather not visit during the winter because it's way to cold over there.
Mind you, if there was snow it would be fun but Holland hasn't really been getting snow the past years in December.
Also during the holidays in Holland it never gets as festive as in America.
I am a big fan of Christmas lights everywhere, this really gets me in the Christmas spirit.
It sounds weird but I feel I missed 2 weeks of Christmas while I was in Holland.
I am one of those people who decorates the tree the day after Thanksgiving.
Also I enjoy all the Hallmark movies about Christmas.
So looking back I would love to be in NY during the holidays, because NY goes all out during the holidays.
Oh and a biggie what really got me out of my comfort zone while in Holland was having no wifi.
I know, I know, you could say its better without wifi for a while to get a break and get in touch with yourself and blah blah blah.
We can discuss this subject till we are blue in the face because it is a very personal thing.
I use my wifi for pretty much everything.
My day starts with meditation, which I use my 10% happier app for on my iPhone. This doesn't work without wifi outside the USA.
Then I journal on my Five Minute Journal (also an app on my iPhone).
After this I blog on my computer on Blogger.com
And I listen to audio books on Ibooks (on my iPhone) and free podcasts.
This is all for my self development and to keep growing and learning in life.
I seriously crave knowledge daily.
Last but not least I listen to Pandora music Natalie Grant or Swedish House Mafia/Tiesto, depending on my mood.
I am not even talking about being able to post some daily inspiration on my Facebook.
So, there you have it, I am a social media/technology junkie.
I guess there are worse addictions to have.
....To Be Continued....

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Day 55: From The Beginning...Holland Trip

So the family drama didn't end there.
Once I arrived at my mothers house, my sister got upset that I didn't drive 3 hours while still a bit sick to her house.
Honestly I was mentally drained and I wasn't ready to drive for 3 hrs or take the train for that matter.
Now I had an upset sister and she doesn't get over it quick.
So I decided to just stay at my mothers house for the remainder of my Holland trip.
And gosh do my mother and I have a blast together.
Everyday we went for a walk and every day we visited another little town and took pix.
My mother has a male friend Lucas who joined us for several outings and we had lots of fun.
2 nights before my trip back home to America I got together with one of my Dutch besties JoJo.
We went to a cool bar and took lots of pix together.
On the morning of my flight back to the US I met up with my girl Laura and we had cappuccino's and a little photoshoot.
So my 2 weeks in Holland was pretty uneventful.
Meaning I didn't spend any time in the capital Amsterdam and I didn't spend a lot of time with my besties.
But the most important thing was to be with my mother and father and that is exactly what I did.
It's sad that I only saw my sister upon arrival but I really believe that was her choice when she decided to throw a hissy fit for no reason.
And honestly we never had a close relationship anyways.
Sometimes I feel that my sister thinks America is another planet without phones, computers etc because she can easily call/text/email me anytime, but she doesn't. 
Relationships take time and effort and it can not be a dead end street.
Both my father and sister complain at times that they don't have enough friends.
Now I know why.
.....To Be Continued....

Friday, January 6, 2017

Day 54: From The Beginning...Holland Trip

while my father and I were skyping with my cousin in Bulgaria, my dad was complaining that my cousin wasn't holding his camera/his phone steady, because it was all over the place and kind of shaky.
I told my father that maybe that was because his reception was bad or it was the first time for him.
You know little things like that my father can't relate to or understand.
I understand fully that there is a big generation gap and in my fathers time there were no computers etc.
But I do notice, that once a man/woman gets older in life, they are set in their ways and there is no compromise.
My dad ended our Skype session with my cousin pretty fast and we continued drinking some tea and chit chatted.
I don't know if I mentioned earlier but my father is 85 years young and getting real close to being deaf in both ears.
This is as you understand very hard with communicating.
Usually its just my father talking and I listen.
If I did say something and if he didn't like what I said, he would say: "I can't hear you"
To this day I don't know if that was really the case or that he was practicing "selective hearing".
The next day I went back to my mother's home.
Gosh, I felt I was mentally drained after visiting my dad.
Don't get me wrong, I love my father with a passion and I will always be there for him if/when he needs me.
But he never accepts any help.
I wanted to clean his house, which I did a little bit anyways but he didn't want me to do that.
I offered to go with him to the doctor to get a hearing aid, but he didn't want to go to the doctor and he didn't want a hearing aid.
I offered to help him get another housekeeper because his old one broke her hip and wasn't coming back.
I am sure we all go through life dealing with these issues at some point.
.....To Be Continued.....

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Day 53: From The Beginning ...Holland Trip

After my dad hung up the phone on my mom, I decided to call my sister and put her on speaker phone.
I don't know, I really think I needed support.
Talking to my father is hard sometimes because he used to be a doctor/professor/teacher and he is so used to being right or thinking that he's right.
But needless to say after a while my dad hung up the phone on my sister as well.
Also I should mention that my jet lag was kicking in and my tummy ache was getting worse and worse.
My dad is stubborn but I am too.
Guess where I got that from?
I ended up throwing up.
Sick as a dog, my dad took good care of me though, he got me water and a bucket to throw up in.
We ended our conversation and both went upstairs to sleep.
My father even got me a heating pad for my upset tummy.
The moral of the story is that even after arguing we both came out strong and bonded even more.
Yes there will always be family/relationship/friendship drama but that doesn't mean it's the end of the relationship.
The next day I was feeling a bit better and took a long hot bubble bath.
We sat around in the house and chit chatted.
When your parents are older there are not many outdoor activities you can do sadly.
We just sit on the couch and drink tea & coffee and make dinner together which is totally fine with me.
We skyped my cousin in Bulgaria who had just bought a villa with pool and was showing us around his new home.
.....To Be Continued.....

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Day 52: From the beginning...Holland Trip

The reason I am sharing all this, is that I would like to let you know, that nobody's life is perfect and we all have drama.
Family drama, relationship drama etc.
Sometimes more money creates more problems.
Take my father for instance.
He has more money than he knows what to do with.
He is 85 years old and his heart is broken because my mother left him after 40 years of marriage.
Now before we play the blame game, and blame my mother, stop.
My mother tried for 40 years and she is a saint for putting up with everything for that long.
Every argument has three sides to it.
His side, her side and the truth.

Okay back to the phone call.
My father & I called my mother on speaker phone.
My father started out saying to my mother, "why did you leave me?' "do you want to apologize for leaving me?' and he pretty much started blaming my mother for leaving etc.
Now we all know, that no conversation ends nicely after we start accusing the other person.
My mother started defending herself and telling my father he has to focus on his youngest daughter visiting him from America, instead of focusing on his own needs.
It got heated and my father hung up the phone on my mother.
If there is something I dislike with a passion, it is hanging up the phone on the other person.
Communicating has never been my fathers strong suit.
If there is something I learned amongst a lot of other things from my parents, it will be that communication is extremely important.
......To be continued....

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Day 51: From The Beginning...Holland Trip...

After cleaning up and washing dishes, I made my father and myself a cup of tea.
My father still uses an old school tea kettle, which of course has its charm and I got myself one as well back home in The States. 
But my father has his own special way in making tea.
I of course wanted to make it my way but my father poured out most of the water I had poured in the kettle to make the tea.
Okay here we go boiling water in barely enough water for 2 cups.
To prove to my father I showed him the end result which was not enough for 2 cups.
So he had his cup of tea but I had to go back to the kitchen and boil more water for my cup of tea.
Ahhhh, family and the little things that annoy us for no reason.
Did you know that we as humans are overall nicer to strangers than we are to our loved ones?
You know why? Simple because we feel that we can and we will never lose them because they are family.
Wrong! We gotta make an effort to keep our cool and still love and respect our family.
Personally I was hurt at this point and shed some tears because I was super tired, uncomfortable, and had a terrible tummy ache.
Oh and jet lag was obviously there.
My dad walked in the kitchen and hugged me and asked why I was crying.
We sat down and started talking about both our 'issues".
My father started talking about how he was still heartbroken over my mother leaving him, 12 years ago after 40 years of marriage.
I had heard this story for the last 12 years on a daily basis.
I am always looking for solutions, because I believe where there is a problem, there must be a solution.
In this case I advised getting on the phone with my mother and discussing it with her once again.
Because I didn't want to be in the middle or the messenger.
Mind you, there is so much resentment between my mom & dad.
The phone conversation didn't go well needless to say.
.....To be continued.....

Monday, January 2, 2017

Day 50: From The Beginning...Holland Trip

So here we are, my sweet papa and I at a Dutch tiny grocery store somewhere in the middle of nowhere on the country side in Holland.
This is kind of special to me, because I don't live in my home country anymore and I kind of want to take it all in.
But as you know older people tend to get set in their ways and they just like to stick to their own routine.
Which is totally fine of course but I kind of wanted to pick out my own groceries because my fathers fridge was pretty empty and I am a stickler about eating healthy.
This is where family sometimes can't relate and they just don't want to hear these nonsense.
I am sure you guys can relate that sometimes its hard to stick to your healthy lifestyle and views in front of your family.
Especially when you didn't grow up that way.
So, we left the grocery store and drove some more to another store for a special kind of yoghurt my dad wanted.
Again the drive was scary because older people are super scary on the road. I think it is because they are scared themselves so they drive like a victim not defensive.
Slow and not sure of themselves and that shows.
So back home we start cooking together and mind you us Dutchies, or I shouldn't  generalize but my family we are super small eaters.
Very tiny portions.
So thats what we had.
Needless to say I was still hungry and there wasn't more food in the fridge.
A full stocked fridge makes me feel super wealthy, so I wasn't feeling so shabby at that moment.
Also my tummy was hurting and I felt super tired.
Maybe my jet lag was setting in.
I started washing dishes and cleaning up for my father.
After the cleaning I made my father and myself a cup of tea.
Again this experience was a bit traumatic.
.......To Be Continued.....

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Day 49: From The Beginning...Holland Trip

After driving for like over 1 hour in thick fog, I had reached my father's farm house.
He was sitting by the window behind his computer.
Immediately he came outside and hugged me.
The minute I got inside he shared with me that he was a little upset because his computer wasn't working. Mind you, my father is 85 years young.
My point with that is that it doesn't matter what age we have, young or old, we still get obsessed with technology. 
You know how the older generation frowns upon the young generation's obsession over our I-phones and computers.
But we are all the same way.
So, I decided to help my father out and got on the phone with his computer's provider.
A lady in India helped me who's English was very broken but she got the job done, so I'm not complaining.
My father was super happy and I offered making coffee for the two of us.
We were chit chatting and enjoying our time together.
Later we went grocery shopping.
I don't know if you ever sat in the car next to a senior citizen driving you, but it was flat out scary!
My father drove under the minimum speed allowance. (I know, hard to believe but true.)
Every time another car approached he pulled over.
Thankfully my father lives in the country side, so it is never that crowded.
At the grocery store it wasn't that much fun either because as you know, the older people get, the more they are set in their ways.
So I was just summoned to follow my dad and not stop and browse.
If you know me a tiny bit, you know I love to take my sweet time and browse.
......To Be Continued......