Friday, September 30, 2016

Day 3 continues "From The Beginning"

.....Okay I did the math, or actually I asked my hubby and he's a pro at math.
I was 23 years young when I got deported from this gorgeous country The USA.
When I arrived in Sint Maarten (The Dutch side) I contacted my parents and they wired me money for a ticket back home to The Netherlands.
Back in Holland I made it my mission to come back to the USA but that wasn't easy.
It took 3 years of going to The American Embassy and pretty much begging for a visa.
In these 3 years I traveled within Europe with my boyfriend whom I got separated from while being deported.
He had asked the company he worked for if he could work abroad in Europe instead of the headquarters in the US.
We lived in Germany, England, Hungary and the Czech Republic.
I have fond memories of Hungary where we lived in Hotel Kempinski and I worked as a Dutch language teacher for Berlitz (a language institute).
I studied language back in Holland and got my Masters in Arabic.
Berlitz will only allow teachers to teach in their mother tongue, meaning I was only allowed to teach Dutch.
They told me my English wasn't good enough and not mother tongue.
One day back in our hotel I received a phone call while Mauricio (my boyfriend) was on business in Germany and this girl was calling looking for him.
She said she was his girlfriend.
I told her I was his girlfriend.
she called me an American bitch.
I told her I was Dutch not American.
Not to long after this phone call and after I had confronted Mauricio about it I packed my bags.
Back to Holland.
While I lived in Hungary I had made some American friends from Boston.
Not to long after I arrived back in Holland I had made plans to visit Quebec (Canada) to meet up with my American friends from Boston.
The reason we picked Quebec was because that was pretty close to Boston and I wasn't allowed in the USA.
....To Be Continued........

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