Sunday, January 1, 2017

Day 49: From The Beginning...Holland Trip

After driving for like over 1 hour in thick fog, I had reached my father's farm house.
He was sitting by the window behind his computer.
Immediately he came outside and hugged me.
The minute I got inside he shared with me that he was a little upset because his computer wasn't working. Mind you, my father is 85 years young.
My point with that is that it doesn't matter what age we have, young or old, we still get obsessed with technology. 
You know how the older generation frowns upon the young generation's obsession over our I-phones and computers.
But we are all the same way.
So, I decided to help my father out and got on the phone with his computer's provider.
A lady in India helped me who's English was very broken but she got the job done, so I'm not complaining.
My father was super happy and I offered making coffee for the two of us.
We were chit chatting and enjoying our time together.
Later we went grocery shopping.
I don't know if you ever sat in the car next to a senior citizen driving you, but it was flat out scary!
My father drove under the minimum speed allowance. (I know, hard to believe but true.)
Every time another car approached he pulled over.
Thankfully my father lives in the country side, so it is never that crowded.
At the grocery store it wasn't that much fun either because as you know, the older people get, the more they are set in their ways.
So I was just summoned to follow my dad and not stop and browse.
If you know me a tiny bit, you know I love to take my sweet time and browse.
......To Be Continued......

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