Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Day 59: Flying back home to The USA from Holland.

I had requested and paid for a window seat but unfortunately didn't get it.
I got a middle seat from Amsterdam to Philly.
Fortunately I sat in between cool peeps.
On my right by the window was sitting a sweet girl who was from San Diego. She was studying in Holland and this was her first trip back home to America after she had left to study in Holland a couple months earlier.
We became instant friends.
On my left was a British gentleman.
It's funny how its hard to understand The British language but I have no problem with the American language.
All and all it was a great trip.
When we arrived in Philly we had a couple hours lay over and Kelsey & I decided to sit at the bar across from our gate back home to San Diego.
But first let me tell you how my experience was at Immigration/customs.
Okay once you arrive in Philly at the airport coming from Europe you gotta fill out this paper in the plane just saying if you bring in foods or vegetables etc.
Now coming out of the plane you gotta go to this kiosk and scan this paper and your passport, oh and this machine takes a picture of you. Of course I didn't like my first selfie so I pressed on re-take. Hahaha what was I thinking? Silly me. Like this matters.
After this you go through immigration.
Here you get fingerprinted and eye scanned.
My finger prints didn't take at first and I had to redo it.
The officer looked at me puzzled after he looked at my information on his computer.
He saw my deportation background and my old blacklist status.
But because I have a Green Card and I am a permanent legal resident, this is all dismissed.
He gave me the advice to get my American Passport and become an American Citizen so my travels will be easier when I arrive back in The States from being abroad.
To be continued.....

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