Saturday, January 28, 2017

Day 74: Country Club & Bomb Drop....

So, last Thursday (2 days ago), my darling hubby was gonna go golfing for the day and I had my day planned for laundry, cleaning house, selling our old headboard and frame etc.
Around noon John (hubby) face timed me and asked me to join him at the country club.
At that point I had already sold the headboard and frame and finished the laundry.
I decided to clean the house the next day and join him at our country club.
I didn't really feel like it because I just love to be home and clean.
But you know what they say: "happy wife, happy Life" and I'm sure vice versa (meaning for the hubby) the same slogan counts.
"When the king is happy, there is peace in the Kingdom"
John was super stoked when I got there and he kept saying; "look honey this is my sanctuary, and being here with you makes me the happiest man alive".
Isn't he the best?!
I gotta say it was chilly, but thank God I had dressed appropriately, in layers.
After a few hours Johns phone rang while he was golfing and I was sitting in the golf cart.
It was my sweet father in law, so I decided to pick up.
Daddy, said: "I saw on FB that you guys are golfing, but isn't John suppose to fly today? Because I see on the app on my phone that his plane is flying without him on it?
John is a private jet pilot btw.
I said I didn't know but I will get john on the phone.
John said he was gonna call his parents back once we got home.
After this phone call I didn't think much of it and we continued the game.
Now it had been a while since I saw a bathroom, so John offered to drop me off ahead at the club house, so I could go to the bathroom.
After the bathroom I decided to hop on the treadmill at the gym right next to the clubhouse to go for a quick run, because I was cold and also because I wasn't gonna make it back home in time for my daily hike with the Fit & Fabulous ladies. (My Meet Up Group).
Now my phone rang while I was running on the treadmill.
It was my father in law.
He asked me where John was and I said he had a few more holes left to golf and then he was coming to me.
Daddy said he needed to talk to John urgently.
I hopped off the treadmill and started walking towards the greens, and gave the phone to John.
That was when I realized, oh oh something is really wrong here.
......To be continued.....

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