Thursday, January 12, 2017

Day 60: Flying back home to the USA from Holland

To become an American Citizen and have dual passports (Dutch/American) is on my to do list for 2017.
It will cost around $1000.- and I will have to study and complete a test.
So after I got through customs/immigration, I joined Kelsey at the baggage carousel.
We had to grab our luggage and check back in.
Usually your luggage goes automatically from your departure point to your arrival point but in this case we had to recheck in etc.
So I flew from Amsterdam to Philly to San Diego.
All this took around 24 hrs.
Don't forget there is a 9 hr time difference between Amsterdam and San Diego.
So I was pretty much flying back in time. (hahaha)
After Kelsey & I grabbed our bags and checked back in we made our way to the gate for our last flight home back to San Diego.
Of course the gate wasn't nearby but that was okay because we needed some exercise after that long flight from Amsterdam to Philly.
We sat down by the bar across from our gate.
Here we ordered ourselves some Moscow Mules.
We chatted some more and we were both super stoked to be back home on American soil.
Gosh, I can't tell you enough how amazing America is.
Everything is so convenient and big and beautiful and clean and comfortable.
I called my mama back in Holland to tell her I had arrived safely back in The States.
Kelsey and I were planning to take some pix but we were both tired and we didn't really feel like cleaning up for the pix.
I got comfy and ran to the bathroom to take my contacts out and I was planning to take a nice nap on my last plane home.
After we boarded we didn't sit next to each other but that was okay because we both wanted to sleep.
I face timed John my darling hubby and told him that I was so tired and just wanted to sleep.
The girl next to me offered her window seat because she overheard my conversation with John and wanted to be nice.
I was super grateful and we ended up being friends after that flight.
....To be continued....

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