Monday, January 9, 2017

Day 57: From the beginning...Holland trip ending, back to the USA

Oh my Gosh, I can not tell you how over the moon excited I was to be flying back home to my beloved USA and my beloved hubby & furry babes.
I asked my mother and her male friend Lucas, to please drop me off super duper early at Schiphol (Amsterdam airport).
Of course because International flights take forever and especially the security check lines etc.
And because I was gonna meet up with my darling Laura Bellai who's the author of Rokkie (a Dutch business book for female entrepreneurs.
I've known her for over 20 years and she has been very influential to me.
When I met her I was taking over her Front Desk Receptionist position at a big software company called Exact Software while she got promoted to be the right hand of the boss.
A few years after that she got married to the boss.
The reason I moved to America was partly because of Laura.
She had lived in America for about a year and raved about it.
So our meeting at the airport was as always so fun but of course too short.
We drank cappuccinos and posed for a little impromptu photoshoot.
I had to say goodbye quite quickly because the lines in front of security looked intense.
Let me tell you this line took over 1 hour and a half.
While all the travelers were walking like bumper to bumper. (kind of like a traffic jam)
Few steps forward, stop, few steps forward, stop.....and so on for 1 hr and a half.
At security they were not friendly at all and of course some of the travelers were cutting in line.
The Dutch don't like this,  so some of the Dutch started raising their voice at these cheaters.
I was laughing because there is really nothing you can do, but make sure you take plenty of time before your plane takes off.
I always hear horror stories of people who fly into America and they complain non-stop about how rude American Customs/Security and Immigration is.
But let me break it to you and tell you this happens everywhere!
I totally understand that they are rude and in-patient because they are dealing with so many passengers and some of us (me too) ask the dumbest questions and we keep doing the dumbest things and we don't follow direction.
I would lose my cool eventually too, wouldn't you?
....To Be Continued......

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