Saturday, January 21, 2017

Day 69: Voyeurism

You know it's funny when I googled my subject, it had the word "sexual" in it in every explanation.
I don't mean anything sexual by it, when I write about this.
Let me show you what safari search came up with:

Voyeur is a fairly recent addition to English.
Our earliest written evidence for the word dates from the beginning of the 20th century.
It comes directly from a French noun meaning, literally, "one who sees".....a person who gets 'sexual' pleasure from secretly watching others.

Okay let me get to my point.
On Facebook there are many of us, maybe even the majority of us, whom are just watching others and judging.
Personally I really believe that you can not judge, criticize if you do not participate.
I also believe that when you get criticized,  it's a sign that you are successful.
Successful people are loud, vocal, prominent.
Successful people are consistent.
Not pushy, but persistent & consistent.
I know what the voyeurs and/or haters are gonna say.
Why are these people always showing up in my newsfeed?
They rather hide and be sneaky while they watch the successful people climb their way to the top.
You know what? .. they can open up themselves and put a hat on, and some shades, and get into the lime light until they are secure enough and then they can show up like The Rockstars they are!
To all the Voyeurs on Facebook, take a selfie, get in front of the camera and stop hiding and judging.
You are all unique in your own way!
.....To Be Continued.....

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