Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Day 51: From The Beginning...Holland Trip...

After cleaning up and washing dishes, I made my father and myself a cup of tea.
My father still uses an old school tea kettle, which of course has its charm and I got myself one as well back home in The States. 
But my father has his own special way in making tea.
I of course wanted to make it my way but my father poured out most of the water I had poured in the kettle to make the tea.
Okay here we go boiling water in barely enough water for 2 cups.
To prove to my father I showed him the end result which was not enough for 2 cups.
So he had his cup of tea but I had to go back to the kitchen and boil more water for my cup of tea.
Ahhhh, family and the little things that annoy us for no reason.
Did you know that we as humans are overall nicer to strangers than we are to our loved ones?
You know why? Simple because we feel that we can and we will never lose them because they are family.
Wrong! We gotta make an effort to keep our cool and still love and respect our family.
Personally I was hurt at this point and shed some tears because I was super tired, uncomfortable, and had a terrible tummy ache.
Oh and jet lag was obviously there.
My dad walked in the kitchen and hugged me and asked why I was crying.
We sat down and started talking about both our 'issues".
My father started talking about how he was still heartbroken over my mother leaving him, 12 years ago after 40 years of marriage.
I had heard this story for the last 12 years on a daily basis.
I am always looking for solutions, because I believe where there is a problem, there must be a solution.
In this case I advised getting on the phone with my mother and discussing it with her once again.
Because I didn't want to be in the middle or the messenger.
Mind you, there is so much resentment between my mom & dad.
The phone conversation didn't go well needless to say.
.....To be continued.....

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