Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Day 73: Photoshoot

Today was such a fun photoshoot for La Costa Living Magazine @ clothe+arrow in Oceanside CA.
It was seriously a testament of true girl power!
We all genuinely complimented each other, and we were there to help one another when needed.
10am was the start of the photo shoot but I got there nice and early.
This was a good thing because I kind of had to navigate to find the place.
Once arrived, the owner of the store got there and Lyndell was already there.
Lyndell, is one of my besties and part of my Fit & Fabulous ladies group.
Lyndell is a Stylist and she had asked me to be her model for the day.
The Photo Shoot was at a beautiful clothing boutique.
The Photographer showed up not to long after we had gotten there.
We started shooting some of the fabulous clothes.
After all this, it was time to shoot Lyndell and I had the pleasure of being her stylist.
I also helped the photographer and the shop owner and I gotta say that was FUN!
I seriously enjoy helping others and it was super nice to be able to get to know what goes into photo shoots and the behind the scenes shenanigans.
Later today a video-grapher showed up to shoot the photographer. 
The article is about Lyndell's styling business.
After our shoot Lyndell and I had a lovely lunch together in the village by the ocean.
On my way home I took some photos on the beach because of course I can't pass the gorgeous ocean without capturing it on my camera.
So, to sum up what I learned today:

Everything you need,
your courage, your strength
compassion and Love;
everything you need is already within you.

To be continued.....

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