Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Day 66: Distractions

Question: "Do you think we got more done in the past when Facebook and all other social media didn't exist? "
Distractions are just everywhere in life and I think it has to do more with focus and self-discipline.
We can all relate to the silly distractions that come up while we are studying and/or trying to focus on one particular task.
Our mind starts to wonder and drift off.
In this case, mediation has been very helpful to me.
10% happier by Dan Harris from Good Morning America has been my "go to" app.
Also they say if you keep reminding yourself of your visions and future goals, this will be super helpful.
That's why creating a vision board is a great way to keep visualizing your dreams and goals.
You can make e a virtual vision board and keep it saved on your phone and computer desktop.
Another helpful tool is just setting your timer on your phone for like 30 min at a time (or 60 min depending on the task).
Amazon has some fun tools, like a colorful sandglass/hourglass in your fav color or a Datexx The Miracle Cube Timer.
Finishing pesky tasks doesn't have to be boring anymore.
Also make sure you start with the biggest task, the task you are dreading the most.
Kind of like starting your day with "eating that frog" first.
You will feel a sense of accomplishment.
Researching google/Pinterest/YouTube has been super helpful to me.
This is where all the answers are.
Because we all know that if we have a question about something, bet your bottom dollar that someone else had that same question before you.
We don't have to re-invent the wheel but just follow other leaders for inspiration and motivation.
To Be Continued......

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