Sunday, January 8, 2017

Day 56: From The Beginning....Back to the USA from Holland

Okay, my 2 week trip visiting my family & friends in Holland was coming to an end.
So, what I learned is that I rather not visit during the winter because it's way to cold over there.
Mind you, if there was snow it would be fun but Holland hasn't really been getting snow the past years in December.
Also during the holidays in Holland it never gets as festive as in America.
I am a big fan of Christmas lights everywhere, this really gets me in the Christmas spirit.
It sounds weird but I feel I missed 2 weeks of Christmas while I was in Holland.
I am one of those people who decorates the tree the day after Thanksgiving.
Also I enjoy all the Hallmark movies about Christmas.
So looking back I would love to be in NY during the holidays, because NY goes all out during the holidays.
Oh and a biggie what really got me out of my comfort zone while in Holland was having no wifi.
I know, I know, you could say its better without wifi for a while to get a break and get in touch with yourself and blah blah blah.
We can discuss this subject till we are blue in the face because it is a very personal thing.
I use my wifi for pretty much everything.
My day starts with meditation, which I use my 10% happier app for on my iPhone. This doesn't work without wifi outside the USA.
Then I journal on my Five Minute Journal (also an app on my iPhone).
After this I blog on my computer on
And I listen to audio books on Ibooks (on my iPhone) and free podcasts.
This is all for my self development and to keep growing and learning in life.
I seriously crave knowledge daily.
Last but not least I listen to Pandora music Natalie Grant or Swedish House Mafia/Tiesto, depending on my mood.
I am not even talking about being able to post some daily inspiration on my Facebook.
So, there you have it, I am a social media/technology junkie.
I guess there are worse addictions to have.
....To Be Continued....

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