Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Day 52: From the beginning...Holland Trip

The reason I am sharing all this, is that I would like to let you know, that nobody's life is perfect and we all have drama.
Family drama, relationship drama etc.
Sometimes more money creates more problems.
Take my father for instance.
He has more money than he knows what to do with.
He is 85 years old and his heart is broken because my mother left him after 40 years of marriage.
Now before we play the blame game, and blame my mother, stop.
My mother tried for 40 years and she is a saint for putting up with everything for that long.
Every argument has three sides to it.
His side, her side and the truth.

Okay back to the phone call.
My father & I called my mother on speaker phone.
My father started out saying to my mother, "why did you leave me?' "do you want to apologize for leaving me?' and he pretty much started blaming my mother for leaving etc.
Now we all know, that no conversation ends nicely after we start accusing the other person.
My mother started defending herself and telling my father he has to focus on his youngest daughter visiting him from America, instead of focusing on his own needs.
It got heated and my father hung up the phone on my mother.
If there is something I dislike with a passion, it is hanging up the phone on the other person.
Communicating has never been my fathers strong suit.
If there is something I learned amongst a lot of other things from my parents, it will be that communication is extremely important.
......To be continued....

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