Saturday, January 7, 2017

Day 55: From The Beginning...Holland Trip

So the family drama didn't end there.
Once I arrived at my mothers house, my sister got upset that I didn't drive 3 hours while still a bit sick to her house.
Honestly I was mentally drained and I wasn't ready to drive for 3 hrs or take the train for that matter.
Now I had an upset sister and she doesn't get over it quick.
So I decided to just stay at my mothers house for the remainder of my Holland trip.
And gosh do my mother and I have a blast together.
Everyday we went for a walk and every day we visited another little town and took pix.
My mother has a male friend Lucas who joined us for several outings and we had lots of fun.
2 nights before my trip back home to America I got together with one of my Dutch besties JoJo.
We went to a cool bar and took lots of pix together.
On the morning of my flight back to the US I met up with my girl Laura and we had cappuccino's and a little photoshoot.
So my 2 weeks in Holland was pretty uneventful.
Meaning I didn't spend any time in the capital Amsterdam and I didn't spend a lot of time with my besties.
But the most important thing was to be with my mother and father and that is exactly what I did.
It's sad that I only saw my sister upon arrival but I really believe that was her choice when she decided to throw a hissy fit for no reason.
And honestly we never had a close relationship anyways.
Sometimes I feel that my sister thinks America is another planet without phones, computers etc because she can easily call/text/email me anytime, but she doesn't. 
Relationships take time and effort and it can not be a dead end street.
Both my father and sister complain at times that they don't have enough friends.
Now I know why.
.....To Be Continued....

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