Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Day 72: Consistency

Consistency, what is consistency?
What exactly does this mean?
Of course there are different kinds of consistency.
As with a lot of other words in the English dictionary.
That's why it's so hard for us foreigners to learn English.
In this case I am talking about being consistent with your words and actions.
Say what you mean and do what you say.
Aka put your money where your mouth is.
If you show up every day consistently you build trust.
Trust builds friendships/relationships.
We all want to be liked and have lots of friends.
Consistency is the key to breaking bad habits and forming good ones.
Whether professionally or personally, our habits can come to define us. 
Our good habits can lead us to make progress and become successful, while our bad habits can cause us to fail.
Habits are powerful, and they are difficult to make or break, but if can gain control over your habits --both positive and negative -- you can forge yourself into the person you want to become.

Of course gaining control over your habits is easier said than done.
Some go their whole lives without considering the fact that they can construct their own positive habits, or never succeed in breaking the habits that drag them down.
There is no shortcut to mastering your habits, since it's always going to take discipline and hard work,  but there is one principle that can guide you to a greater success rate: the idea that habits are grounded in consistency.

How habits are formed:
To be continued.....

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