Friday, January 13, 2017

Day 61: Arrival back home in San Diego from Holland

Phew! Finally back home in San Diego after 2 plane rides in the last 24 hrs.
John, my darling hubby and Dobby (our furry baby) picked me up.
We stopped by the grocery store on the way home because I love to come home to a full fridge with yummy fresh foods and John doesn't really know what I like because that changes often.
Mind you it's almost midnight but of course in America (some stores are open 24/7).
That's another thing I just love about America.
Back home I started unpacking, yes I was tired but my adrenaline was pumping because I was just so stoked being back home with my loved ones.
John had hired a cleaning crew the day prior of my arrival and gosh the house looked AMAZEBALLS!!!
Shiny hard wood floors and it smelled like heaven.
My husband seriously knows my love language.
I could write a whole book on the love I have for my husband.
I laugh with my hubby more and more each day.
Marriage to me is like having a sleep over with my best friend every single night of the week.
So now I am back in America, I have so many new goals and dreams.
Yes I am a Corporate Flight Attendant but I am not flying enough for my taste.
I am Freelance, so whenever I get offers for flying gigs I take it but my last offer for a big International trip I had to decline because that same time I was visiting my family.
I couldn't cancel or postpone my family because they took that same time off and counted on me.
I don't ever want to let my family down because my hubby and my family is priority number 1.
Also I do have to admit that I have to promote myself more as a CFA (Corporate Flight Attendant) and send out even more resumes.
We all know in life nothing really happens unless you work hard at it.
My number 1 passion is really helping others stay/get fit and eating healthy.
I crave knowledge everyday on self development, nutrition and fitness.
This is why I am a Personal Trainer as well.
To be continued.....

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