Monday, January 2, 2017

Day 50: From The Beginning...Holland Trip

So here we are, my sweet papa and I at a Dutch tiny grocery store somewhere in the middle of nowhere on the country side in Holland.
This is kind of special to me, because I don't live in my home country anymore and I kind of want to take it all in.
But as you know older people tend to get set in their ways and they just like to stick to their own routine.
Which is totally fine of course but I kind of wanted to pick out my own groceries because my fathers fridge was pretty empty and I am a stickler about eating healthy.
This is where family sometimes can't relate and they just don't want to hear these nonsense.
I am sure you guys can relate that sometimes its hard to stick to your healthy lifestyle and views in front of your family.
Especially when you didn't grow up that way.
So, we left the grocery store and drove some more to another store for a special kind of yoghurt my dad wanted.
Again the drive was scary because older people are super scary on the road. I think it is because they are scared themselves so they drive like a victim not defensive.
Slow and not sure of themselves and that shows.
So back home we start cooking together and mind you us Dutchies, or I shouldn't  generalize but my family we are super small eaters.
Very tiny portions.
So thats what we had.
Needless to say I was still hungry and there wasn't more food in the fridge.
A full stocked fridge makes me feel super wealthy, so I wasn't feeling so shabby at that moment.
Also my tummy was hurting and I felt super tired.
Maybe my jet lag was setting in.
I started washing dishes and cleaning up for my father.
After the cleaning I made my father and myself a cup of tea.
Again this experience was a bit traumatic.
.......To Be Continued.....

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