Saturday, December 31, 2016

Day 48: From The Beginning ....continuing trip to Holland

So, here I am in Holland, my home country, where I was born and raised till I moved to the USA when I was 26 years old.
For some reason I dislike Holland with a passion.
I can't really put my finger on it, meaning why I dislike it but I can certainly try to explain it.
So growing up in Holland, I remember it always being cold with grey skies.
Yes of course Holland has a summer but it never lasts long and there is no guaranty that the sun will shine daily.
So if its a sunny day you better take advantage of it and rush to the beach or pool because the next day might be no more sun.
Also the Dutchies like to complain a lot.
Or its too hot or its too cold.
Dutchies like to stare at each other and compare.
Dutchies like to keep their curtains open for all to see.
Dutchies like to cram stuff in their homes and saying that makes it cozy.
Dutchies like to talk smack about Americans & America but at the same time they copy all things Americans do.
I know, I know I am a Dutchie myself and I shouldn't talk bad about "my peeps" but I actually think I can judge because I've lived there.
I recommend you read the book "The Undutchables" and judge for yourself.

Back to my story.
I am staying with my mama in Holland because my parents are divorced after a 40 year marriage.
There is a lot of resentment between the two of them sadly.
After a few days, I drive my mama's Peugeot 106 to my papa's house like 40 min away.
Of course I got lost because I have no navigation on me (my iPhone 6+ doesn't work without wifi).
And I have no TomTom (The Dutch navigation).
There is a thick fog outside (it's December).
I shed some tears cause I feel helpless without navigation.
Finally I reach my fathers farm house.
.....To Be Continued....

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