Friday, January 20, 2017

Day 68: Overexposure

Is overexposure really an issue?
My darling hubby said the other day to me: "Baby, one of your Instagram/FB posts per week is sufficient. One per day is overbearing."
First off, I totally understand where he is coming from.
Generally my posts are geared towards women, women who are like me, always looking for purpose in this world, and always wanting to share any knowledge they get poured into them.
I read several books a day, yes not just one but several and I learn so much from them.
I don't want to lose all that wisdom but I really want to share and pay that forward.
People who meet me always say: "Wow you are so aware and you have such a wide range of interest."
To me that is such a big compliment.
All day every day I am craving knowledge.
I train my brain.
In life you do not grow if you do not learn.
Gosh I am far from perfect and I make many mistakes but I make a big effort to not make that mistake twice. ( Even though that still at times doesn't work.)
My mind is always racing.
So this is why I post.
My question to you is, "is this really such a bad thing?'
As long as I give value to others and not hurt anyone's feelings, who cares?
If it bothers others to see my face daily, just unfollow, delete, unfriend and or block me.
My mission is to be the sunshine/light to others.
And in return I ask, please do NOT hate but ADMIRE and EMULATE! (I just learned this word yesterday, don't forget I am still a foreigner).
Overexposure is NOT the issue!
Let me give you an example.
Coca Cola, Google, Apple, Mac Donald's, Microsoft, Walgreens, Starbucks, Toyota, Wells Fargo, Exxon, even Celebrities.
Should they hide their products, their faces, because they lose their value?
Because too many people are hearing about their products or seeing their faces?
If you give value to others, keep Rocking it!
You are a ROCKSTAR!
To Be Continued........

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