Thursday, January 19, 2017

Day 67: Independence

Are you independent?
Growing up my parents always helped me financially and even after I got married they are still there for me always.
I know this makes me a very lucky and fortunate gal.
My late hubby had his own biz and that biz supported us thankfully.
There was a time before he passed away, when we had just moved to Beverly Hills from NY that I had to step up to the plate and help out financially by working full time.
I have always been better working part time.
I know this sounds so spoiled.
I would love to work from home.
As a Corporate Flight attendant I am working Freelance, so really not a lot.
I would love to fly more often, and work from home doing a network marketing company or whatever promotes Health & Wellness.
Right now my hubby pays all the bills and gives me spending money on top of all that.
In arguments he loves to throw that in my face.
I guess we all know how to successfully push each others buttons.
So yes daily I'm racking my brain on how to, and with what company I want to start with.
I am just such a perfectionist and everything has to be in place before I start.
Also I don't really want my hubby to pay for the start up investment.
And my hubby is home most of the time because he only flies like 60 hrs per year.
So he's pretty much living a retired life at 42 years young.
We love to spend a lot of time together and I drop everything and anything I'm doing always just to be together and watch tv or pretty much do nothing together but talk and laugh a lot, which is obviously not a bad life to be living.
But I really want to do more and be more.
I sincerely want to help others with sharing what worked for me in life.
Not saying I'm some sort of expert but I do know that I have a successful marriage and I know what works and what doesn't work in the health and fitness world.
To be continued......

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