Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Day 77: Selfies

What is a Selfie?
A Photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media.
This makes me think of another topic, Social Media.
When I was in Holland visiting my family I didn't have wifi while outside and at my mother's house, so I was just able to take a lot of pictures outside of the breathtaking landscaping and afterwards I always wondered what to do with this gorgeous pictures.
Yes there were a lot of selfies with in the background the Dutch land.
The minute I had reached WIFI at a restaurant or my dad's house, a world opened up for me because that meant that I was finally able to share the pictures from my iPhone on social media.
Don't you agree that everything in life is so much better when you are able to share that with others?
Yes I am guilty of taking a lot of selfies, but I will make sure that I accompany this with a personal story and or a quote that will help others or inspire others.
I gotta say that by taking a lot of photos you start getting good at it and seeing the beauty in pretty much everything and everybody.
Also you get to know yourself. You know when you are genuinely happy and your eyes have this sparkle.
And don't forget that we all rather relate to images/pictures then just empty words.
We are all, not just the men, visual humans.
God gave us eyes and nature amongst a lot of other things are just spectacular to look at.
I remember when I first started to see a lot of selfies on Social Media and I thought to myself; "How vain are these people? Gosh they must be so in love with themselves?'
But now I know that is not the case.
It takes courage to put your face where your mouth is.
Meaning when you show your face and express yourself that is brave.
Transparency never goes out of style.
Honestly never goes out of style.
And I know what some people are saying/thinking now, yeah it's easy to take a selfie when you are happy with your looks and/or confident.
But I am the first one to admit that no I am not confident and no I am not always happy with the way I look.
But you know what? With the right lightning and maybe with a hat on and some sunglasses or just after a gazillion tries you will be able to find that perfect selfie.
....To Be Continued....

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