Sunday, February 12, 2017

Day 87: 21 Day Fix Challenge

Okay, let me break this down.
The 21 day fix is a work out program through Team Beach Body.
Team Beach Body is a Network Marketing Company aka a Multi Level Marketing company (MLM).
I have been following the progress of this company and there are more than 400.000 coaches representing this company.
We all know that without our health we can not create wealth let alone anything else for that matter.
I have always been slightly obsessed with health and fitness because lets be honest, have you ever met anyone in your life who doesn't want to be healthy? or who doesn't want to lose or gain a few pounds, or tone/bulk up?
Growing up my parents always went for long walks hand in hand and they always got back home so happy and rejuvenated.
Just a walk in nature gets the endorphins going and clears your mind.
I have never met anyone who doesn't feel better after a walk/hike/run/work out.
Have you?
My late husband used to be obese and when I met him he had just undergone a drastic surgery called gastric bypass, he was part of a free study with 3 other people in NY at the Presbyterian Hospital.
All these people are dead today.
They all signed a waiver.
It was important enough for them to sign their life away. 
My late husband needed plastic surgery afterwards and still had excess skin.
He was in pain a lot.
Every time when he swallowed something too big it got stuck and he had to puke in order to get it out.
He suffered from a lot of seizures due to all this damage that he had already done to his body.
When you are obese you put too much pressure on your vital organs, so eventually your heart slows down till it just stops.
Now he is gone and both his children are obese and the journey continues for them.
This is why I am joining The Team Beach Body coaches.
Join me!
Lets end the obesity in the world and bring awareness to healthy and happy living!

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