Sunday, February 5, 2017

Breaking it down

Breaking it down = an act of dumbing down a sentence for someone with less knowledge than yourself. Making your words sound less smart, for someone else to understand.
Example: Girl; 'That sounds extravagant, and has me flabbergasted.'
other girl: Umm what?
Girl: *sigh* That's totally cool, I'm all like WOW!
other girl: Oh, thanks for breaking it down.

When I moved to America from Holland I wasn't used to speaking English daily.
Yes, I had English classes in school but as you know, when you don't practice, you don't really learn.
Also I had worked for the airlines and at times had to converse in English but again that was never to the extend of my complete life story but just kind of conversational English about where to go and simple plane conversation.
So I started reading a lot of English books, starting with romance novels by Danielle Steele.
Now I am slightly obsessed with religious books and self development books.
That's pretty much all I read these days.
They are feel good books.
And who doesn't want to feel good?
A few years ago I started to study everything what has to do with network marketing aka multi level marketing.
Network Marketing aka Multi level marketing means when you break it down:

1) You find a product/service you are passionate about.
2) You do lots and lots of research (take your time with this)
3) You start being a customer without joining just yet. (make sure you buy from someone on the top at this company or someone you relate to and who is going places).
4) You join one of the highest earners within this MLM and/or someone who you relate to and genuinely like.
5) Now you just start sharing with others on social media but you have to make sure that you are genuine, sincere and super duper truthful and vulnerable.
6) Don't quit!
7) Break it down to others.
8) Keep it Simple!

......To Be Continued....

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