Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Day 89: Valentine's Day

I remember the days when I was single and especially when I became a widow after a successful marriage. 
All I wanted growing up was being married to my best friend and everything else would fall into place.
It wasn't easy to find my "perfect match".
I had to kiss a lot of frogs and weed out the crazy ones.
Seriously it had become a hobby to me being on dating websites.
When I met my dear hubby, on our first date he sat me down and asked me to remove all my online dating accounts and he did the same of course.
Now we are in our third year of knowing each other and I seriously love him more daily.
Like every relationship/marriage we have our ups and downs but we work through it and come out even stronger.
Yesterday was Valentine's day and I remember when I was single I was miserable especially when I looked on social media.
It was picture after picture of lovey dovey couples rubbing into my face what a loser I was that I was alone.
Now I know that I wasn't a loser but it was just another phase in my life.
It sounds so cliche but life really is a journey and you gotta be able to survive the tough times in order to fully enjoy the good times.
I always thought that I could just cruise through life without obstacles but we all gotta go through the shitty times.
Yesterday on Valentine's day I had a hard time posting my lovey dovey pix with my hubby on social media because I didn't want to brag and/or rub it in.
But my hubby shared some wise words and said: "honey don't apologize for being happy, you gotta be yourself and share what makes you happy." "you are not selfish for being happy".
He is so right. 
I don't have to apologize for being happy because I know I paid the price and even if I didn't, I gotta  stay true to myself.

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