Thursday, February 9, 2017

Day 84: If you want something you've never had.... have to do something you've never done.
This means doing some sort of exercise daily for at least half an hour, drinking a healthy shake (meal replacement) to fuel your body and watching/monitoring your food intake.
You never ever have to count calories if you just eat the right foods.
Consistency is key always.
Of course we are all human and we will fall of the boat at times, but get back on the boat and just continue on.
This will become a routine eventually, hang in there.
It will be a routine, a habit, like taking a shower daily and brushing your teeth.
You won't go long without these habits, right?
Now step up your game and look for accountability on social media and shout it from the roof tops what are you  gonna accomplish?
If you put your 'money' where your mouth is, you will get there even faster.
If you really want to be successful, you have to share your journey honestly and genuinely on a consistent basis.
And if you think you CAN do something or you CAN'T, either way you are right!
It's all about your mindset.
You gotta believe in yourself!

You want results, but you are not willing to train.
You want success, but you are not willing to work.
You want to learn, but you are not willing to read.

Now evaluate.
Do you actually want it?
Don't take the action = don't get the results.
You won't see change if you don't make changes.
The change starts with YOU!

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