Monday, February 13, 2017

Day 88: Honesty

Okay Today marks my first day participating in The 21 Day Fix Challenge aka Show Yourself Some Love Challenge.
So, when I want to show myself some love I don't put restrictions on myself but kind of go with the flow.
My perfect morning is waking up without alarm clock usually around 6:30am and letting the dog out and feeding the furry babes (cat & dog).
Then I'm making myself my yummy strawberry carnation instant breakfast, 1 coffee and 1 glass with a lemon and a clementine.
After this prep work I snuggle up on the couch under a blanket and start meditating through my 10% happier app on my iPhone.
When this is done (usually takes 20 min),  I work on sharing a post on social media.
This post must have a picture that others can relate to and a valuable story.
You know what they say: "a picture speaks a thousand words".
After my post, I feel a sense of relief and continue working down my "check list"
I journal through my Five Minute Journal on my iPhone.
Then when that's done I focus on my daily blog, and what I would like to talk about that day.
It always has to be something useful to others and it has to be transparent and honest.
This morning I stepped on the scale and saw that my weight went from 146lbs to 148lbs and I'm 5'9.
Thankfully I am starting my in-home work outs today for the next 21 days.
I am waiting for my dear hubby to wake up so he can take my measurements and I can get going.
I am certainly not a big fan of in home work outs because the weather is so flawless and super duper gorgeous here in sunny California that I rather work out outside.
But I will go on my daily hike as well, so I figure I can do both easily.
I'll let you know how the first work out goes,  tomorrow.
I gotta admit that I am looking forward to losing some weight and toning up.
I used to weigh 130lbs but this was a couple years ago when I had just become a widow.
My diet was just not eating and being miserable.
This time around I would like to get to my "perfect" weight the healthy way.
To Be Continued.....

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