Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Day 83: Winning

Winning = gaining, resulting in, or relating to victory in a contest or competition.

So, I received a call from my dentist's office and immediately I assumed, oh they want money.
But no that wasn't the case.
The assistant called  to tell me that I had won the contest at the Dental office.
I was like, what?!
I don't think I've ever won anything in my life.
So, needless to say I'm super duper stoked!
Okay, you are asking, what did I win?
I won a brand new bleaching tray after getting impressions done of course and a bleaching kit.
You know this is not a cheap thing.
It's pricey to get your teeth professionally whitened.
Gosh I'm on cloud 9!
This makes me think that I might be on a winning streak.
You think 2017 will be my winning year?
Yes Yes Yes!
I am gonna go BIG this year and take risks.
February 2018 my hubby and I will be living in our dream house by the beach and the golf course.
Mark my words.
Dream big or go home!
What are your dreams?
Life is not worth living, if you are not willing to dream.
Of course we also gotta keep it realistic.
But I am Dutch, so no worries about not keeping it real.
The Dutch are as level headed as they come.
"You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, and expect to win."
Winners focus on winning. 
Losers focus on winners.
Today's Forecast: 100% chance of winning
.....To Be Continued....

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