Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Day 82: Childhood

The other day while I was hiking with one of my fit & fab meet up group friends, she asked me how my childhood was.
My heart skipped a beat with joy because I just love that question, and who doesn't like to talk about themselves?
My childhood was flawless, sheltered, nurtured, safe, loved and just so fun and joyful.
Yes this makes me a very lucky gal, I do realize that and appreciate it and am super grateful for that fact.
My mother couldn't have been more perfect and still is to this day.
She made me feel special, and loved, and wanted, and just super lucky.
My mother hugged me so much and so tight that at times I told her: "mom you are squeezing me so tight, it hurts."
Growing up in a beautiful home overlooking the woods, maybe this is where my obsession with nature stems from.
My parents went on a lot of walks together hand in hand.
This became my dream, to find a man to go on long walks with.
I remember not liking the walks I had to join them on.
But overtime I learned to love these walks.
Also I was always allowed and encouraged to bring as many friends home from school as I wanted.
Everybody was welcome.
The house was always clean and smelled good with lots of yummy foods.
Music was playing and we danced as a family a lot and laughed a lot.
I think I inherited my fathers dry humor.
My father was working a lot but he took my sister and I shopping and for car rides a lot.
He always made me feel better when I was sick just by putting his big hand on my fore head when I had a head ache or on my upset tummy, if I had a tummy ache.
I really believe that your upbringing is the foundation you need in order to build a strong character.
Due to my solid upbringing I was able to survive the death of my late husband.
....To be continued....

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