Saturday, February 11, 2017

Corporate Flight Attendant Life

Yesterday I got called by a pilot (he got my info through another Corporate Flight Attendant).
She can't really fly as much anymore because she just became a new mommy.
The pilot asked me if I was available for a next day flying trip.
First I was like, because my hubby surprised me last minute with a little weekend get away.
But of course I said, yes I am available and thank you for reaching out to me.
Yesterday a little bit later I got a text that due to a maintenance issue with the plane the trip would probably get cancelled.
But he asked me to be on standby because they were busy fixing the issue.
This morning I got ready and waited till further notice.
The pilot was so efficient and kept me posted all morning.
Then he said, okay we are going on the trip.
A day trip.
From Van Nuys to New Mexico, picking up 12 passengers and flying back.
I was nervous but super excited as well.
I drove half way to the airport to meet up with the pilots and drove with them to the airport.
Half way to the airport we got news that the trip was cancelled by the passengers.
So, I still got paid and they dropped me off so I could uber back to my car while they still had to go to the airport to start the engine and see if the plane was okay now.
All and all it was nice meeting the pilots and I already knew them from my hubby and father in law because they had all worked together before.
I will be their next flight attendant for their next trip for sure and they were super nice guys.
Not too shabby that I still got paid.
Days like this are so amazing and it makes me feel so grateful for my in-laws who paid for all my training etc.
Gosh I want to shout it out from the rooftop how lucky and happy and grateful and appreciative I am.
Thank you God for this wonderful life and all the opportunities and love I receive always.
To Be Continued.....

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