Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Day 99: Fear

Are you a Fighter or a Runner?
I was a runner for the longest time.
I was watching others from the comfort of my own home.
I was just a voyeur.
Gosh I wasted so much precious time by doing that.
Once I got off my lazy ass, and got busy myself, things started to flow.
Yes I was, and I am scared of criticism, I am only human!
But now I do realize that once you start facing your fears, miracles happen.
Not overnight though, and I am slightly obsessed with instant gratification.
You gotta want it bad enough and you gotta love it!
But I have to admit that my passion was never what I am sharing/selling right now.
I was never a make up Gal!
I only use mascara and sometimes lipstick.
But now I opened my eyes to the mission behind what I am sharing/selling.
The mission is to Empower others! 
To uplift and validate and ultimately build self-esteem in women around the world.
Try posting a selfie without make up right now.
That takes guts!
The real you is underneath your make up, but the key is to, find that special make up Younique-ly designed for you.
You gotta bring out your own Younique style.
Trust me you will be surprised how many others will relate to you and want to join your tribe.
Don't be scared to open up.
Just take baby steps and break down for you what you really want to pursue in this lifetime.
Fear is only temporary.
Regret lasts forever!
.....To Be Continued......

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